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Search Engine Optimization, Fad or Fact

An increasing number of businesses are beginning to realize that not using your website to it’s full potential is essentially not the best idea. For most small businesses, 70-85% of all new leads comes directly as a result of how well they are positioned online. Although that is no surprise for most, transforming your website into a bona fide lead generation machine is not always as easy as it sounds, especially when other competitors got the jump on you, months or years in advance.

Although it is easy to say, competitor A is always in the top 10 for any term virtually related to your industry, I can assure you, it is no accident, they more than likely started link building or planning their ascent to the top of the coveted top 10 since the inception of the website during the design phase. This process of optimizing web pages has now become one of the cornerstones of successful online businesses, and has truly become the birth of a burgeoning new industry known as Seo Web Design.

How to start your SEO campaign

So, how do you get started in local search engine optimization or national search engine placement? You could start reading resources online for the next few months, or you could hire a professional to analyze and optimize your website for you. Not a bad route, since you more than likely have more important things like running your business instead of thinking about the latest algorithm change, link building, optimizing hyper links or adjusting your server headers.

So what are you waiting for, if you feel like it’s time to get your slice of the 8 billion searches conducted each and every month, SEO is one way to send off your signal flare in search engines and have your website rise to the top of search engines for keywords that pertain to your business. 

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