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Google Page Rank UpdateAs many may have noticed, it’s that time of the year again for the thumbs up or thumbs down vote from the Google algorithm for websites across the nation.
Google Page Rank Update May 2008, Use It or Lose It by SEO Design Solutions.
With spring finally making its debut in 2008, Google is conducing a bit of spring cleaning in their index with the most recent page rank update. Sites that have anti-social tendencies that show little room for improvement may get the thumbs down and slide back a notch, where on the contrary newer sites or sites that have been more active (and social) as of late are typically seeing improvement across the board.

Even though most in the SEO industry can see beyond the assessment of the little green bar that indicates Google’s assessment of link popularity, not everything is as it seems when it comes to ranking potential.

So, what does this say about the Page Rank link popularity metric?

1) Stay busy, the early bird may get the worm, but those who consistently produce quality content are more likely to anchor an audience who is hungry for more information on a topic. In return, user engagement, hover time, the length of the visit and other factors are gradually replacing links as measures to assess popularity.

2) Don’t assume your site is impervious to demotion. On a scale of 1 to 10, any site that is not active, that does not up-link to other resources or receive back links from other sites is vulnerable to reassessment from Google.

Those who get too comfortable at the top are from the old school of thought, where less was more, now in order to stay on the vanguard of the cutting edge, you need to step forth with quality content and fresh related ideas to reinforce your theme.

3) Even if you did lose a tad of popularity in the shuffle, that is just an indicator to get busy for the next page rank update and start building quality content and links for the next revision. In order to add some weight to your site, consider adding content frequently, revising old pages that may have more internal link value to your site architecture.

For example, if you have some new pages that just sprouted page rank, they are essentially capable of ranking on their own merit and have passed the first litmus test from the Google algorithm.

Just like there is strength in numbers, instead of thinking about external links, go back and put those internal pages to work for a common goal by using the anchor text on those pages for the greatest amount of link leverage.

The idiom use it or lose it may apply to those who failed to harness an opportunity, but for those who have received the seal of endorsement from Google with a touch of green (an increase in page rank), now is your chance to befriend the spiders and increase the crawling and indexing rate of your site to take your visibility in search engines to the next level.

Now that you have the attention of the Google algorithm, what you make of it and how you harness it is up to you. This update seems to have provided great value for internal links and their ability to pass value, how each webmaster harnesses this opportunity will be unique. With greater internal link weight, consolidating them to rank for your most competitive keywords would be the logical choice of savvy SEO’s. The stronger your internal links, the easier it is to rank in search engines as far as external links required.

In closing, here are some posts from the past that can provide more insight about on page and off page search engine optimization factors that all have an impact on relative search engine positioning.

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