SEO and Intent: Where Search Meets Results

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Knowing where people are looking is the first rule of search. SEO is only useful as a medium to deliver relevant consumers to your website. If it fails to do that, then it is obsolete as a viable solution for new business development. The second rule of search is understanding intent and how to intersect Read More

Advertising and Advertisers: Meet SEO and Rich Media

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Have you ever had a day where you wanted to be interrupted and watch commercials or spend countless moments being diffused from your purpose? Didn’t think so, this is precisely why SEO and search are positioned as the new frontier for reaching consumers already looking for products and services like your own. Rich-Media and Moving Read More

Increase SEO Conversion With Action Words

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We know that SEO delivers traffic, but then what? Don’t forget that the need to get the visitor to take action starts once they arrive. Regardless of the medium used to attract an audience, that traffic must convert. Does Your SEO Incorporate Action Words? Transactional analysis reminds us to cover the basics of who, what, Read More

SEO is Great, But Conversion is Even Better!

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The opening statement of this title is simple and direct, and having laid the groundwork, the next paradigm to shift is that SEO in addition to any form of internet marketing you engage, should pay for itself. Getting consumers to engage your website is not a liability or expense but rather a necessity regardless of Read More

SEO, Visibility and Conversion

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Search engine optimization (SEO) will never replace marketing but rather complements it. Businesses need two things today to overcome the competitive advances or others, visibility and conversion. One without the other is simply unacceptable. SEO, Visibility and Conversion Let’s face it, most people searching for SEO services understand two things, (1) they know that what Read More

Are High Paying Keywords or The Most Expensive Keywords Worth It?

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If you have to answer this question after a brief pause, chances are, you are using pay per click marketing and paying too much. If you can assess risk versus reward, time to market / exposure and the more market share you own for a root keyword, the higher potential yield it can return (if Read More

SEO, Marketing and Other Metrics that Matter

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With a diverse array of possibilities for consumers to purchase product or services from your website, SEO only represents one attention funnel for driving qualified visitors to your pages. Regardless of how consumers arrive, whether they (1) clicked a link from PPC pay per click ad (2) conducted a search in a search engine (3) Read More

Does Brand Rank Equal Better Rankings for Big Brands?

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Is the competitive landscape of the web about ready to change once and for all with the introduction of Brand Rank (the ability for big brands to jump from parts unknown to the top 10 organic search results)? If so, this could mean tough times for SEO and the little guy (smaller businesses) who are Read More

What are you Learning from Competition?

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They say, “that which does not kill you makes you stronger”, viewing your competition or business adversary in this light offers a true competitive advantage. The last thing any business wants to admit, is what they can learn from their competition, however… In Regard to SEO, Your competition can teach you: How to be resourceful Read More

SEO and Long Tail Optimization

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Google currently occupies 72% of the market share for all searches conducted in the US, making it prime real estate for over 60 Million users each day. Despite your industry, attaining a lofty position for multiple keywords through the use of SEO or SEM, represent vast economic and strategic advantage. Even though you may have Read More

SEO, PPC or Conversion? Which is More Important?

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What does your websites traffic tell you? Keyword obsession regardless of SEO or PPC (pay per click) marketing is a cold hard reality for most businesses online. However, is there something else that is more important that is often overlooked? Don’t Confuse the Messenger with The Message! SEO and PPC are just a means to Read More

Build Authority Before Links

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Rome was not built in a day, neither was a top ranking using SEO. Each keyword has a threshold that search engines and the competition have set, finding it and surpassing that mark is the true objective of search engine optimization. Just like climbing Mount Everest (conquering a competitive keyword), takes planning, preparation and execution. Read More