Analysis of the Top 5 Websites that Rank for “Marketing”

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Say you wanted to rank for the word “marketing” for example, what is the first thing you would do to optimize such a broad phrase? In case you thought it was entirely out of the question (aside from budgetary constraints for human resource), I would like to share a very profound algorithmic principle (simplified by Read More

For Competitive Keywords – Think Like a Big Fish!

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If you are involved with Marketing Products and Services Online, thinking like a big fish is vital for breaking free of the constrictions of the traditional marketing (food chain) and skipping to the front of the line. Are you thinking like a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in the ocean? Read More

SEO: The Market and Competitive Advantage – Know Your Enemy!

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It is easy enough to figure out who occupies a dominant search position with a clear competitive advantage for a number of pivotal phrases in your industry. What may not be clear is how they got there or how they maintain that position. It is important to know your enemy, and it is not always Read More

Online Shopping – Just Search, Click, Pick and Pay!

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Who thought shopping online could be so easy, simply opening a browser, conducting a search, finding a great product online and making a purchase is nothing out of the ordinary for millions of consumers each day. The advantages of shopping online are (1) zero traffic or commuting time (2) no need to stand in long Read More

SEO Marketing Analysis: How to Gauge The Competition

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Before you enter a competitive online market, you’ll need to understand who the major players are so you can (a) fly under the radar and learn from the trail they left behind and (b) look for patterns to formulate ranking strategies for SEO based on their site and their nearest competitors. Like any good SEO Read More

The Psychology of a Click-Through – Intention, Desire, Fulfillment!

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Through studying click behavior from SEO we gain insight to the reason why people click instead of just focusing on fragmented (after the fact) results. By utilizing common sense, research or analytics we can refine the structure and theme of our content, images and designs to align them with known click-triggers and logical impulses to Read More

Search Engine Marketing – Are You Ready to Engage Your Market?

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With consumer attention receding and search engines and website marketing evolving, finding the right the balance for visitors who are constantly bombarded by advertisements, offers, incentives, deals and brand exposure has made prospects less responsive to traditional marketing ploys. The bottom line is all about user engagement and engaging your market. The extent of your Read More

How to Create Optimized Landing Pages that Convert!

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Sometimes one post is not enough and since we opened the can of worms on the topic of how to create optimized landing pages in our first post Creating Landing Pages that Appeal to Motivated Searchers which was more of a general post, now we can discuss tactics and techniques for those more familiar with Read More

Creating Landing Pages that Appeal to Motivated Searchers

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Every page in your site is a potential landing page. Depending on how streamlined the content is, your pages can provide a valuable resource for those seeking products or services and convert motivated searchers from window-shopping prospects into long-term loyal customers. On the contrary, if the focal point of your pages are nebulous or the Read More

Need a Boost in Search Engines? Try Adding Fresh Web Page Content!

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Are you writing enough content to keep your rankings from nodding off to sleep? The word around the water cooler is, Google, Yahoo, MSN are partial to fresh content. If it just so happens that you are squaring off against a proverbial keyword juggernaut in the SERPs, the least you can do it use a Read More

Universal Search – Organic Positioning and “The One Box”

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The golden achievement in organic search is the accomplishment of acquiring a “one box” in Google. The one box is when you conduct a search and the site in question has such an enormous amount of themed content that it returns the main URL with subcategories underneath it to provide searchers with an extended selection.

Keyword Optimization – “Selecting the Right Keywords for Battle”!

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Before you scream “charge” and run into battle without a game plan, you need to know what you are up against. Sites that occupy the top 10 spots in Google, Yahoo and MSN have one thing in common, lots of links, the proper mixture of on-page and off-page SEO and an added element of trust Read More