Buyers, Sellers and The Marketing Medium

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Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to rank higher for keywords that drive relevant traffic to their website. Many pay per click to avoid the hassle of SEO, and organic optimization. Yet, regardless of which method they choose, search engine optimization or search engine marketing, the fact is, much like traditional marketing, both produce exposure Read More

Measuring Keyword Continuity by Tracking Empirical Data

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Tracking empirical data to assess performance and user engagement to measure SEO is crucial. Since everything leaves a trail, sifting back through server logs for IP diversity, referral tracking and skimming stats can reveal a great deal about the type of visitors your site attracts. Sometimes you have to look backwards to move forward and Read More

Market Intelligence and SEO Tools

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Search engine optimization (SEO) relies heavily on market intelligence the availability of information in order to gauge valid assessments for strategic implementation. Market intelligence and SEO are interdependent in this fashion. Take keyword research for example, if the tools you are using are common off the shelf or generic (like Wordtracker, Trellian, Wordze, etc.), the Read More

With SEO, The Only Competition is Yourself!

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Many often mistake the connotation of competition when it comes to SEO and your competitors. They say that which does not kill you makes you stronger, that is true, but what if you are mislead and competing with the wrong opponent? Fighting the wrong battles is a waste of time and energy, this is also Read More

SEO Tips and Techniques from The Archives

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Each day thousands of small businesses and top level executives realize that they need SEO. Each has their own reasons, some because they are tired of seeing their favorite competitors dominate search results. Others because they are tired of the dependency on sponsored or pay per click advertising. However, despite the reason, SEO has gained Read More

Uncommon SEO Tips and Techniques

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So, you have heard of SEO and want free traffic from search engines, but you don’t know where to start. Here are a few of the more uncommon SEO techniques you can use that get the job done. Cultivate Content – The 90 Day Plan: Being the source for your own best link (internal link Read More

Qualified Impressions Translate Into Sales

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Its not always the quantity, but the quality of visitor impressions that make the difference. Qualified impressions that translate into leads, sales or click through conversion are the true basis of SEO. Out of every 100 visitors that visit your site, how many fill out a contact form, pick up the phone, download a special Read More

How to Use SEO to Increase Website Traffic

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is great for attracting the right visitors to your website. However, without keeping new arrivals either entertained, informed or satisfied, it won’t really matter how visitors found you if they have the impulse to click the back button before your content overwhelms their curiosity. It is a simple fact that all Read More

SEO, Online Marketing, Recession and ROI (Return On Investment)

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With recession and (ROI) return on investment staring each other face to face, being brutally honest about the profit and return on your search engine optimization or online marketing campaign has never been so important. For those who may not have noticed, various industries typically replete with activity in the market-place are coming to a Read More

Balancing SEO and Search Engine Promotion

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Search engine promotion is all about balance and contrary to popular belief, type-in traffic resulting from consumers searching directly for your products and services using keywords only represents a small percentage of overall prospects for your website. To promote anything with verve, the necessity look for holes in the game of the competition and finding Read More

SEO Is More Than Just Optimization!

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Before you think about driving traffic to your pages, is your site a destination or a pit stop along the way? Have you ever wondered why SEO really works as a premier advertising & marketing medium? Because convenience coupled with availability puts consumers in the drivers’ seat of where and how they spend their time, Read More