SEO Marketing – Why Writing Valuable “Web Page Content” is Worth it!

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If you want your business to thrive online, then using search engines for advertising and marketing is mandatory for optimal visibility. The real question is how much can you afford to spend? and how cost-effective is the medium for producing traffic and conversion?

Small Business SEO – Internet Advertising and Promotion

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Do you have a small business that has to compete with larger corporations who are vying for prime market share on a daily basis? If you said no, then you may need to reconsider your niche. If you said yes, then search engine optimization (SEO) is something worth investigating.

Reviving Old Content Can Increase Traffic & Link Popularity

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If you have a blog or a content management system, once you have built enough content there comes a time where you have so many gems you want to share (for those who may have missed it the first time around) that you can deep link to your older pages and resuscitate new life into Read More

Don’t Get Too Comfortable at the Top!

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With the advent of search evolution and new search technologies beckoning at the door of online business, one message that should be in the forefront of every businesses modus operandi for 2008 is “Don’t get Too Comfortable at the Top”. Resting on the laurels of yesteryear is a sure fire-method to find your “once relevant Read More

The Evolution of Search Engines, Content & Competition!

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In the beginning (before SEO), simply having a website was enough. Then people realized, that if they changed a few things here, here and here (titles, keyword density, tags), that search engines would respond differently to their pages. Over time through trial, error, patience and reward, specific methods were devised to strengthen the organic position Read More

What You Write is What You Get! (The Laws of Website Traffic)

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Just like a magnet, with new content creation and SEO copy writing, the words you use cater to the audience you attract. As you know, all visitors are not created equal, some are window shoppers with an itchy trigger finger to bounce back to the SERPs to find a more suitable interest. Others are analysts Read More

Viral SEO and the Web 2.0 Revolution – The Rules Have Officially Changed!

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What started out as a research project on a competitor, erupted into a full blown epiphany on the fusion of viral marketing, article marketing, SEO, blogging and social media (complete with instructions after I finish a pending e-book about the topic). However, during the interim we can at least plant a few seeds to imply Read More

Link Baiting, Viral Marketing & Creating a Web 2.0 Social Media Buzz

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Viral marketing is nothing new, but as all things SEO and web 2.0 it takes time to rise above the antiquated methods of the past from a traditional advertising perspective. As marketing modalities from yesteryear continue to fall by the wayside as obsolete, there are a few noteworthy trends in automation and viral marketing occurring Read More