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What does your websites traffic tell you? Keyword obsession regardless of SEO or PPC (pay per click) marketing is a cold hard reality for most businesses online. However, is there something else that is more important that is often overlooked?

Don't Confuse the Messenger with The Message!

Don't Confuse the Messenger with The Message!

SEO and PPC are just a means to an end for conversion, not the other way around. With the lines of internet marketing and online promotion becoming blurred, exposure and engagement are not always synonymous.

The question of quality vs. quantity in regard to traffic is the ultimate question. Do you really want more traffic or would you rather have higher sales conversion from the traffic you currently receive?

Similarly there are phrases that yield a higher percentage of conversion, action words, if you will, that elicit a predictable response from the reader (they take action and purchase, fill out a form, subscribe to a feed or pick up the phone to inquire for services).

If you can cue enough actions words into your call to action and value proposition, finding the true cross-section of your market (the buyers not the window shoppers) and the content they respond to can make or break your online business model.

SEO and PPC are more alike in one sense, than apart, they both deliver traffic. So, before you blindly invest in either, make sure that your website (a) has a focal point on each page with a specific conversion objective (b) make it easy for a viewer to find what they are looking for such as references, how much it costs, a phone number, a contact form or a clear cut statement of what’s in it for them if they purchase and (c) most of all, it’s not always about how they got there, it’s what they do once they arrive that counts.

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    Yes I agree, for PPC and SEO we must get the visitors that wanted to buy from us. If we just want to get traffic, We can always use CPM on Adwords, that will decrease the cost.

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