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Our friends at Themezoom/Network Empire have an exclusive, limited-time offer allowing you to access exclusive tools like the Krakken, The Last Keyword Tool and Domain Web Studio (DWS) at a significant savings off normally published prices.

3 SEO Tools

3 SEO Tools To Crush Your Competitors

Whether you are an agency (who has clients), an affiliate (looking to leverage your assets for maximum ROI) or a small business owner (trying to carve you own slice of  a market), these tools represent the pinnacle of market research, SEO implementation and syndication, allowing you to create an unfair advantage over your competition.

There are 3 videos below (each is over 1 hour) and shows you how to unleash the power of DWS (using data from the Krakken and Last Keyword Tool).  Consider them your training videos (after you sign up) and you can watch the layers unfold. Keep in mind, these offers will not last long, so take action or pay the full price later (you have been warned).

These are not common ideas or loose theory, they are methods we use to literally dominate search engines for competitive verticals for our clients and ourselves.

We start with the silo framework module and take keyword research and theme the website architecture, from there, we move on the the DNA braid and put together the on page and off page internal / backlink profile and see how steep the competition is, then we move to the third step in the Project Management Module and coordinate the team, structure the on-site content and then push the site live and start promoting it through the syndication blueprint. Trust me, give yourself a few hours, watch the videos and then get access to these tools before they go underground again.

The Silo Framework Module

To get the job done you need the right tools and having advanced SEO tools like DWS, Krakken and The Last Keyword Tool are critical for accessing intel that allow you to (1) assess your market (2) data mine competitors and (3) implement exclusive tactics from a vantage point that few competitors are privileged enough to observe.

Superior intel allows you to work smarter and identify weaknesses, overlooked niche phrases and markets that overlap on the way up the ladder to the more lucrative / crowning market-defining keywords.

But, if you didn’t know what those market defining phrases were, or whether or not those keywords have “actual” dollars attached to their rankings (once you reach the top 3 positions of the traffic band); then you could waste weeks, months or years of time chasing phantom-like silhouettes that merely deliver a fraction of the traffic you had over zealously anticipated.

Wasting time is not an option.  Insulate yourself from futility of targeting duds by using metrics like the Krakken’s Total Search Market Value (TSMV). TSMV is an assessment for each market that corresponds to a dollar figure based on organic and PPC ranking value.

This way, once you now where the money is, and whether or not there is commercial intent, you can tactfully implement website silo architecture to scale a plethora of lucrative keywords (like layers of an onion) through using one or multiple websites.

Using multiple properties allows you to liberate your revenue model from being overly dependent on any one property. To accomplish this feat, you need a solid strategy and system based repeatability that targets entire cluster of phrases, (The DNA Braid) vs. a few poultry keywords.

The DNA Braid Module

Would you rather rank for one keyword or rank for hundreds to thousands of keywords, that allow you to reach that “one” keyword faster while you enjoy the fruit of keyword stemming (ranking for stemmed variations) along the way?

Time is the real asset in SEO and the extent of the volume of work you can accomplish depends on the tools you have at your disposal, and the team that you have to implement those tactics; especially when it comes to SEO and competing in saturated markets.

To use an analogy, working with the wrong tools (against a seasoned competitor) is like bringing 3 men to a battle when your adversary has an army. No matter what strategy you implement (with those 3 men) their limited scope and resources will fall short when the numbers game creeps into the equation.

For a website to knock an authority site off the pedestal of the #1 position, it needs both (1) a foundation that is broad enough to support the ascent (by leveraging semantically structured supporting content) and (2) enough vertical milestones (categories and landing pages) to reach the apex for the primary phrase. This means for competitive markets, you may require thousands of pages (to support the mid tail and lucrative / competitive keywords) and dozens to hundreds of links to critical internal pages to reach the aggregate tipping point to reach the apex of a market.

But also keep in mind, that for every primary keyword, there are dozens of mid-tail and long-tail keywords that are equally as lucrative (if you devour the entire market along the way).

The Project Management Module

To create websites and manage the process (using clusters and co-occurrence), you need a scalable system that allows you to (a) identify keyword and markets (b) model data, cost, time management and resources and calculate ROI from click through rates, time to rank, the volume of content and internal links required per keyword or the number of deep links you will need (that was our proprietary algorithm and you can see it work in Video 1 on the silo framework module above) – that is the power of DWS, Krakken and The Last Keyword Tool; that is the collective suite known as Network Empire.

The volume and extent of the work you execute depends on the system and tools you have at your disposal, especially when SEO and competitive saturated markets are the battleground.

Working with advanced SEO tools allows you to plan your roll-out with more depth, a more robust array of theme relevant supporting articles, categories and landing pages and allows you to work smarter and not harder when chipping away at market defining phrases.

I have had the distinct honor of working with some of the most brilliant minds (the team from Themezoom) over the past 5 years and I can assure you that there are only a handful of people who understand and implement SEO on this level.

While this was our best kept secret for years “The Krakken”, now it is time to borrow a phrase from Hades from Clash of the Titans and “Release the Krakken”!

This suite will allow you to walk into a market cold and within 20 minutes have the creamy keywords that float to the top in which to base your existing legacy site (by breathing life into it with a new blog) or start anew and scale the market in a fraction of the time.

If you are struggling to find theme relevant keywords (based on sophisticated information retrieval algorithms such as sparse matrix clustering, co-occurrence, Bayes, PaIR, LSI and semantic connectivity) then the Krakken (which drills into 60-90,000 keywords in under 5 minutes) only brings you back phrases which are (1) theme relevant to the parent cluster (original keyword) and (2) either have organic search value or PPC search value.

When you continue to refine, add synonyms and keep drilling, you end up with the perfect blueprint (like a skeleton) in which to build out your website into a robust authority site or niche specific entity.

This means that if you include these phrases (in their respective website silo architecture) then the entire cluster gets devoured and you rank for more keywords with fewer inbound links (since your own website becomes its own PageRank and link-flow spewing, top 10 ranking juggernaut).

Keep in mind that the Krakken transcends ordinary keyword research and uses the same type of natural data hierarchy information retrieval structures (such as Google, Yahoo and Bing) use to ascertain relevance.

In short, a blueprint from the Krakken is like mirroring the ideal on page SEO elements, synonyms and synonymic sets search engines grade relevance score with as a conditional metric when analyzing authoritative websites and sorting the wheat from the chaff for positioning.

Rarely would I share the exact tools we use to inspect, enter and dominate markets, but in the spirit of the New Year I do have one special offer I have been permitted to pass along (for a very limited time) to all of you who either get our email / blog posts, read whitepapers and updates from our plugin SEO Ultimate or know who we are and what we do.

In this special offer you get the opportunity to (1) unleash the Krakken in your market (2) it’s powerful and quite formidable little brother “The Last Keyword Tool” and (3) the DWS (Domain Web Studio) the most powerful SEO management suite ever conceived for:

a) mapping out markets

b) creating properly themed websites with silo site architecture

c) managing all elements of the campaign from outsourcing content creation, project management, web development and SEO tasks and most importantly

d) having a syndication blueprint that creates a timeline for every keyword, assesses its cost, time to rank, ROI and even lets you know how to cross the tipping-point with every keyword in a blueprint.

Put simply, this bundle is a must! We have paid $12,000 a year just to use the Krakken, in this offer, you will have to click and see for yourself the savings you can receive.

Do yourself a favor; you can win the battle before you even step on the field. I speak from experience on this one, we can do more in less time and completely crush seasoned competitors (such as brands, Wikipedia results, Amazon, Target, Wal-mart and other “strong sites”) using the formula’s developed from building sites (and links) in tandem with a search engines natural data hierarchy – and that is what you will learn from using this suite .

In essence, Network Empire silently slays competitors and uses unstoppable algorithms (that search engines love and reward), and now, for a limited time you can save hundreds by following this link and getting your subscription for a hefty discount.

In closing, for those naysayers, here are links to an exclusive webinar on the DWS 3.5 launch and other videos on the Krakken and The Last Keyword Tool.

This is not a marketing ploy; this is a special offer with bona fide savings for those of you who are serious about dominating your market. This offer will not last and will be pulled in the next 24-48 hours. Act now, or pay full price later. I leave the rest to you… 

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    After a set number, they will close the door on new memberships to keep the community solid.

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