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The long awaited Domain Web Studio Update to Version 2.5 is now live and out of beta. Watch the video as Matt DaCruz reveals the magnificent power of DWS and its dominant market-crushing power.

Can you use this tool with traditional keyword research tools? Absolutely, if you have access to any keyword research tool (Krakken, Market Samurai, Google Keyword Suggestion Tool, The Last Keyword Tool or others that can provide:

1.       The keyword

2.       The number of competing pages for that keyword and

3.       The monthly search volume

Domain Web Studio then aggregates that data using an SEO rules engine and uses DWS’s algorithms to calculate holistic formulas such as (a) the time to rank (b) how many backlinks (c) how many internal links and supporting articles are required (d) conversion rules (e) how and when to syndicate each keyword, and (f) most importantly, how much it will cost on a keyword by keyword basis.

By the way, did I mention DWS has other features such as an ROI calculator, the ability to map out site architecture, map out conversions and profits, and manage content, as well as a thread based project management suite?

There has never been a more sophisticated internet marketing suite like domain web studio. Get in while you can and unleash the power of DWS on your next SEO project.

There is still time to become a member at the $67 price point. With only 350 members allowed, don’t miss out; try DWS 2.5 for $67 per month.

This is not self-aggrandizing puffery, this tool is will save you time and money by mapping out critical calculations and adding structure to your next SEO campaign. Now you can do in hours what used to take days (which means higher ROI for each project).


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About Jeffrey_Smith

In 2006, Jeffrey Smith founded SEO Design Solutions (An SEO Provider who now develops SEO Software for WordPress).

Jeffrey has actively been involved in internet marketing since 1995 and brings a wealth of collective experiences and marketing strategies to increase rankings, revenue and reach.

10 thoughts on “Domain Web Studio (DWS) 2.5 Released
  1. Although it is somewhat complicated, I’m glad to have gotten in cheap. It will become the future of affiliate marketing. I’m learning while it’s still cheap. Thanks Jeffrey.

  2. Danny 3.0 will take all of this data and use wizards and do all of the things 2.5 does (behind the scenes).

    Hence the DWS 2.5 learning curve will not apply when released.

    Automation is an understatement for 3.0, I have spoken with Matt in detail, we are talking about push button themed and siloed affiliate sites in 20 minutes or less (all set up through DWS) with tracking code and real-time analytics, affiliate offers and all intact.

    There really has never been anything like this and I am proud to have contributed to the formulas working with Matt DaCruz and Sue Bell over the last few months.

    What used to take me 50 hours a month, I can do in minutes, it’s that serious.

    All the best!

  3. Hello Guys,
    Congrats to your new tool, looks very useful. It’s maybe something for me in a near future when I have to start to work on SEO for my Reviews & Rankings Comparison Engine that I will launch very soon. I’m also working on a web application. It’s a tool that compares SEO Industry around the globe. It’s a free, independent comparison service that daily ranks thousands of search engine optimization related websites on up to 70 different metrics. The aim of this service is to make it easy for customers to find SEO Company that they want to work with. Congratulations both your blog and company ranks well. Today I have 8000 companies in about 500 categories with statistics for over 18 months. I’m looking now for SEO Professionals that would be interested to take a look at my tool and give some feedback if anything has to be improved from business perspective (development point of view). It’s also very advanced service so it will take time to launch all the 15000 sites. The beta is password protected at . If it sounds interesting and you find some time I would appreciate if you could take a look and give some feedback. Send me a mail that I have supplied and I will mail you the password. Anyway your tool sounds great so I’m sure that we will be in touch.

  4. Guy says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I am very interested in this as I running an SEO company myself, however my concern is the accuracy of the monthly search volume. Like yourself managing SEO campaigns for clients I get to see analytics from companies in all varieties of niches. The reality is that keyword tools are massively inaccurate and over estimate the search volume a website receives. Even when clients reach position 1 for the desired keywords, search volume can be significantly lower than even “exact” phrases search volume. For example I have a client who is in position 1 for a keyword that gets 6,000 “exact” searches per month and currently the client receives about 1,500 – 1,800 searches per month (even with description tag tweaking) for that keyword. Could I ask what your experience has been for the last keyword tool? Does it reveal accurate numbers? Broad search is really not very helpful because the reality is even with top rankings a website will only ever pull a tiny % of that traffic. thanks

  5. Understood Guy:

    Search volume and click throughs are a funny thing. Considering all searches do not end in clicks, most either find something and and enticed, while a large percent do not. Most tools are only tracking searches, yet even so, better to have more than one keyword research tool.

    Also, you have the ability to change conversion data and variables based on that search data and in this instance, if you have more accurate feedback (such as a #1 position), then you can use that data to create new keyword/conversion rules. I have seen accurate results with TLKT, particularly their upper and lower clicks per day calculations, but I always encourage the use of more than one tool to triangulate data when the stakes are higher.

  6. Good luck with your new tool, I just emailed you to take a spin and provide feedback.

    All the best Artur.


  7. Thanks
    Send you a respons with login info. Did you get it?

  8. @Artur:

    Got it, looking around now, impressive!

  9. george says:

    Do I get an ‘Automated Silo Structured Blueprint’ with this trial?

  10. kids picture very funny in starting page in this site. good knoweledge provide the domain web studio.

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