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SEO Marketing 1.0 ReleasedSEO Design Solutions is proud to introduce the SEO Marketing 1.0 IE Toolbar. This Internet Explorer Add-on is a basic toolbar for internet explorer that allows you to stay tuned to the SEO, SEM, SMO and social media communities.
Introducing the SEO Marketing IE Toolbar Ad On, by SEO Design Solutions.
Since we know software, SEO Tools, optimized templates and useful items to share are the future of SEO, we took a stab and put together a basic (and I do mean basic) internet explorer toolbar with links to great online resources, pit stops and blogs pertaining to SEO, SMO, SEM and Internet Marketing and called it “SEO Marketing 1.0” or rather “The SEO Marketing Community IE Toolbar” for internet explorer (just in case you don’t have a fresh copy).

I know as SEO’s we are fierce Firefox users, so we will have to do the same and release a few add ons, but at least you can have one browser in the background with your great go to places already ready already.

It features tons of links to great sites, your useful social media sites and allows you to browse hundreds of RSS feeds while listening to Classical as well as other types of music. This was just a warm up, we have real SEO tools in development as we speak which we will be sharing shortly for competitive analysis.

Here is The Link to the Download:

In the meantime, if you use internet Explorer, do yourself a favor and Download SEO Marketing 1.0 , install it, surf and enjoy! Installation is easy, just download it, save the file when prompted, double click to install and relaunch IE. Then you can select a station, view the links section or browse hundreds of RSS feeds.

If you find any bugs let us know, or if you wanted to have your site added to the list of resources, let once again us know. If you blog consistently, have a great angle or know something worth sharing, drop a comment and we will add your site to the list.

For those who didn’t make it on the SEO Marketing IE Toolbar this time, my apologies (nothing personal), this was just a test, so leave a comment and we will get to it and add your site on the next revision. In the meantime, enjoy!  

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