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In case you’re wondering why our blog has been so quiet the past week and what we have been up to at SEO Design Solutions, it’s fair to say that some major shifts to our business model and focus are  currently underway.

What's New at SEO Design Solutions

What's New at SEO Design Solutions

The first shift being the shift away from the client/service model to focus on personal projects and the development of applications, plugins and our favorite CMS WordPress (to create a powerful framework of SEO themes starting with the WP Ultimate theme).

Our first theme is scheduled roll out later this month, granted we can build out all the amazing features in time, fine-tune them and stress-test it for continuity.

The second shift involved plotting out the next layer on total online market domination in a secret meeting with the mastermind group from Themezoom / Domain Web Studio over the weekend.

Themezoom / DWS 3.0 Mastermind Meeting

I just returned from the meeting in Mesa Arizona with Matt DaCruz (Domain Web Studio) and Themezoom architects Sue Bell and Russell Wright to plan the evolution of DWS 3.0.

My head is still reeling from the topics, tools and software planned in the next roll-out and I wish to extend my gratitude for being invited to participate, share my thoughts and show them some of the more intricate features of SEO Ultimate and how we can quickly and easily implement some of the features in the next DWS wordpress module with the existing feature set.

Russell, Sue and Matt are as real as it gets; the technology they are creating has never existed or been available to the public and we are pleased to be a part of this synergy and holistic integration of coupling tools to decipher vertical online markets and build instant siloed websites in minutes that would have taken days to plan and create.

Over 15 months of planning, structure, rules, database design and implementation all came to a helm with revolutionary breakthroughs including something for everybody from newbie neophytes to online Gods in the new domain web studio 3.0 suite.

I can honestly say that the very fabric of SEO, how markets are assessed, how sites are built and market-crushing web properties implemented is about make a quantum leap.

The time to “let people in” or even talk about how powerful this suite of tools is winding to a close and all I can say is, everything from in depth market research, site architecture implementation, content creation, implementation of integrating affiliate code and offers and building out sites can all be laid out in less than 30 minutes from a push button wizard style interface that saves you hundreds of hours each project.

Our business has been revolutionized by web domain studio 2.5’s keyword decisions screen (which we helped build with Matt and Sue) which was a process that I used to spend 50 hours a week to build out clients site mapping, content and corresponding link thresholds for campaigns – now, I can execute the same thing in under 20 minutes per drill.

I will keep you abreast of changes as they develop and also keep you posted regarding the collaboration of the new WP Ultimate Theme’s capabilities, one of them being to import site architecture directly into WordPress from a file (based on the primary keywords and how many supporting pages or nodes are required).

Coupled with DWS 3.0 and the ability to purchase themed and siloed sites on demand from the new synergy of Krakken/DWS and can go from concept to market in minutes using proven tactics of theme based site architecture, internal linking and supporting content.

We hope that you will continue to provide your support as we make this transformation from service to solution provider (using plugins, themes and tools) for the masses.

As the SEO space is constantly changing and evolving, the best way for us to remain proactive and aid others is through creating useful SEO tools you can implement to (1) find hidden marketing opportunities, keywords and niches (2) build optimal sites and (3) increase rankings.

Many of the tools we created were free in the past, but the new WordPress theme is simply too precious (and powerful) to give away. The price point starts for a one user license for “The WP Ultimate Theme” starts at $67 – but when you see the features it provides, a custom theme of that stature comparably would cost thousands.

Stay tuned for more SEO tips, techniques and tools from SEO Design Solutions and if you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed for updates as they occur. 

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  1. I’d gladly pay now for the ability to start testing it for you.

    Excited to see the new theme.

  2. Chris:

    We will be in touch when things are further along to see if you can “break it” prior to the launch.

    Will let you know when it’s ready.


  3. Thanks for sharing this
    SEO Design Solutions Changes Business Model post! Keep posting!:)

  4. Steve says:

    Sounds like the WP Ultimate Theme is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    When will the release date be?

  5. We are pushing for 3 weeks, give or take some time to set up the main site for tracking, sales, etc. Using it works like a breeze and no touching the code to get what you want, just massive amounts of options. Will keep you posted Steve…

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