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Instead of overselling with pressure sales tactics, unleash the impact of “action words” on your landing pages. When writing for the web, remember to infuse your content with a dash of flair and transpose ordinary words and phrases into articulate and expressive verbs capable of quickly communicating benefits to encourage sales conversion.
Unleashing Call to Action and Actions Words for Conversion by SEO Design Solutions.
Online marketing targets a distinct audience, they want information and they want it now. However, if you give them the WRONG information, or provide information without consent, then it’s the back button (and curtains) for you and your call to action.

Use precision in picking your keywords, use precision in crafting the images that will occupy and reinforce your visual real estate. The purpose of the desired task should be clear (like someone eating cake with a caption about devouring your market) and it must structure an offer they simply can’t refuse.

You can target each page to appeal to a specific audience with unique value propositions and undertones to enliven response. These undertones encapsulate a symphony of factors such as the websites’ color, layout, images, usability, the type of “click triggers” you use and the clarity of the value proposition determine the number of leads that convert into sales.

The last thing you need to do is target the wrong consumer with unsolicited information. Just think of how annoyed you feel when a pop-up window jumps up out of the blue from left field trying to sell you widget A or generic service package B. Now perhaps if that was what you searched for in the first place, then it would not come as a shock to you.

However, opt-in marketing is in fact what search engines are delivering. A lead that has already expressed interest, this is known as pure relevance and is the desire / fulfillment cycle of the mind and what it attaches itself to and the yearning to experience it firsthand.

For example if I am in the mood for buying a new pair of “ridiculously overpriced shoes from a brand that I cannot pronounce”, and then Google delivers the most relevant result. Not only with websites, but with blended search, stores, pricing, videos, you name it. Which also lends itself to using multiple forms of media to reach your target audience (but that is another post in itself).

You must couple and reinforce the theme of your site, it doesn’t matter if you sell “rubber duckies or internet marketing services” just make sure that it is clearly visible ON EACH PAGE where new traffic may convene.

Don’t assume your visitors know what you or your organization is about, bring them up to speed with ease with a crisp about us page to encourage trust and start the relationship building process.

Knowing that it is far easier to sell something to someone you have sold to before, than finding a new prospect to purchase. So, look at each unique visitor as an opportunity for each of those readers to tell someone about your site “if the need arises” since they remember the impression your brand made on them.

It is through this type of viral marketing that a company transforms through chrysalis into a burgeoning new authority site with great products, services, giveaways or brings a unique spin / persona to an otherwise dated industry.

To summarize, (1) if you are offering something, make sure that your audience really wants it in the first place (2) allow people to opt in to what you sell (3) make sure you communicate benefits and (4) focus on relevance and building relationships not just sales.

For example, a satisfied customer that tells 10 friends about your business is better than just one sale alone. Remember there are millions of people seeking products and services like your own, all you have to do is know how to speak their language and find the proper action words that cue the conversion process.  

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