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I am aware that this is way off topic, but we are human after all and although SEO is all I live breathe and sleep, I thought I would share a cool little snippet of code that I found.

While taking a spin around the web this morning I stumbled across (no tens inpunded) a cool little gadget from Google Gadgets in their webmaster tools section by way of Matt Cutts Blog. It was as if a light bulb went off when I saw the Google Gadget that allows you to Watch TV Live on your computer.

I couldn’t resist, since, hey I am already online right, and this monitor just happens to double as a TV set, so I created a page to check it out (and of course watch it in my spare time). There is a link to the original page at Google, I had to create a new category called web resources where we will add interesting finds such as these in the future.


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