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Have You ever wondered how keyword density and keyword proximity play a role in SEO? I was able to optimize our site for long tail broad search terms with key words like – custom, seo, link, company, professional, affordable, effective, SEM, PPC development all from just adjusting variables in the descriptions of the pages and title with keyword grouping.

The case study just happened to be (our site). But a very powerful SEO secret was cognized as result. For example even with a PR2 site, I was able to take over high search volume terms due to the type and format of the keyword density of the pages. This effect was created over a period of 3 months and much to the dismay of my competitors I know it is an aching thorn in their side that such a new SEO company with a PR2 is able to outrank and out position PR 3,4,5,6 and sometimes 7 sites for a number of their targeted key phrases.

In the case of this revelation the terms; effective seo, seo results, optimize and any combination of other search terms and of course SEO in it’s abbreviated form carries a great deal of emphasis due to the url name. The moral of the story is, not to let page rank discourage you from targeting high volume search terms. Build links to specific pages with specific anchor text in the back link using the keywords with the highest density on that page, and almost magically top 10 search engine rankings became commonplace with long tail optimization techniques.

I have to give this one away, even though it has been said time and time again. The more quality inbound links you have aimed at a page, the higher it ranks. Search engine optimization typed in a Google query for example is currently held by someone with 1450 back links pointing to one page with specific anchor text for that the term.

Internal linking plays just as important a role as external links, and backlinks from subdirectories can work wonders for ranking for specific terms. More on this at a later time, but for now it is safe to say that if achieving high rankings is the goal, off page optimization accounts for 75% of the affect. So although in the past, meta tags played their role in optimization of websites, now it about the title, description, content in the body, the proximity of the keywords, how frequently they are used and if there is anchor text and what is in the anchor that matters for the on page optimization. 

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