SEO Ultimate 7.6.1 Introduces Autolink Link Dampening Feature

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SEO Ultimate, (the All-In-One WordPress SEO plugin created by SEO Design Solutions) was recently updated to version 7.6.1 and introduced an exciting new feature for the Deeplink Juggernaut module that allows you to dampen the amount of internal links either globally or on a keyword by keyword basis. SEO Ultimate 7.6.1 Introduces Autolink Dampening Feature Read More

The Official SEO Ultimate WordPress Plugin Tutorial

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It’s that time again to kick off the new year and what better way to do so than (1) a new update to – “The Real All-In-One SEO Plugin for WordPress” – SEO Ultimate and (2) to  introduce (our long-awaited) comprehensive video tutorial covering each SEO Module in detail for our plugin. Click to Watch Read More

The Last Keyword Tool: SEO Tactics Revealed!

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Keywords are the cornerstone of any online conversation. Metrics such as user engagement, conversion and search engine optimization all rely on critical keywords and their convergence to convey relevancy and intent to your audience. The question is, how do you know which keywords are worth using and which are better to ignore? Watch the video Read More

Google Disavow Links Tool: Declassified!

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In case you haven’t heard, Google has released a new disavow links tool allowing you to disavow (deny the existence of) any questionable backlinks. While the first thought that comes to mind is mission impossible – “if you are caught, the government will disavow your existence”. Now, it seems that webmasters have the ability to Read More

The Google EMD Update: Don’t Let Bad Search Happen to You!

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If you’re a webmaster and have been impacted (penalized, lost traffic or have been caught in an algorithmic filter) from Google, the conclusion is obvious that Google isn’t trying to win a popularity contests with their user base lately. First, it was the dawn of the web shattering Panda update (a content classifier designed to Read More

SEO Overhauled: It’s not about links, it’s about promotions!

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Rather than overreact to rankings alone and scream the sky is falling, for the past 15 months we have been quietly testing new strategies that can withstand the likes of Panda (a quality control classifier) and Penguin (a thematic link sniffing filter) that demotes websites with excessive inbound anchor text  i.e. “unnatural” link signals. It's Read More

Google’s Greatest Fear

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With millions of business owners, webmasters and affiliates spending thousands of dollars on SEO and countless hours optimizing their websites (only to have the Google organic search results shaken up or completely whisked away due to vacillating shifts from new algorithm changes) is genuinely creating feelings of anger, frustration and disdain. Google’s greatest fear is Read More

SEO Video: Qualifying Keywords Through Competitor Research

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Searching for quick competitor research methods to determine if a keyword is a worthy target for an SEO campaign? Watch this video and learn how to use your competitors to qualify which phrases are worthwhile using SEM Rush and other useful SEO tools. Stay tuned for more SEO tips and tactics from SEO Design Solutions Read More

Full-Bodied SEO: Looking Past Keywords

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Just like degusting a fine wine to appreciate its full-bodied flavor, don’t omit the chronology that it’s the process of the grapes aging combined with a semblance of subordinate processes that merge a plethora of complex layers into simplified notes to cultivate a delectable, yet exquisite fine wine. In parallel, SEO is quite similar. Like Read More

Website Silo Architecture: SEO Siloing Simplified

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To draw on a visual analogy, most websites are like the image of mixed fruit below (which makes it difficult for a search engine to determine the topicality or relevance of the website (or more importantly the page) when trying to determine what to rank that page for or why. Most Websites Are Structured Like Read More

3 SEO Tools to Crush Your Competition

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Our friends at Themezoom/Network Empire have an exclusive, limited-time offer allowing you to access exclusive tools like the Krakken, The Last Keyword Tool and Domain Web Studio (DWS) at a significant savings off normally published prices. 3 SEO Tools To Crush Your Competitors Whether you are an agency (who has clients), an affiliate (looking to Read More

SEO Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin Version 7.2.1 Released

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SEO Ultimate (the free WordPress SEO plugin from SEO Design Solutions) has seen 4 new releases in the last few weeks. Here’s the scoop on the latest features: Take WordPress and Rankings to a Higher Level with SEO Ultimate. Global Link Mask Admin Interface The Link Mask Generator module, which first came out almost exactly Read More