Dealing with Link Loss

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65% of competitive keywords are captured as a result of superior on page optimization. Its not always the off page optimization that is the deciding factor.  Dealing with link loss in this context does not imply losing links from external sites linking to yours, but rather the link equity squandered from sub optimal on page Read More

SEO, Syndication and Social Media

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There are 3 nodes of relevance to integrate holistically into an internet marketing campaign to ensure a healthy, robust online presence; those nodes or rather prerequisites are SEO, Syndication and Social Media. SEO, Syndication and Social Media While these nodes of relevance are interdependent, each works much like a stool with three legs, one without Read More

Are Link Wheels an Effective SEO Strategy?

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For those unfamiliar with the concept of link wheels as a viable SEO tactic, it basically involves creating several layers of reciprocity between multiple web 2.0 properties, blogs, pages or social media sites which ultimately link to a preferred URL and / or domain. Are Link Wheels Effective for SEO or Traffic? For example: You Read More

Strategies from the SEO Playbook

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While working on an internal document dubbed “The SEO Playbook” the question of which strategy is better, sub domains or sub folders?, flat site architecture or themed and siloed content? What follows is a peek from the SEO Design Solutions Playbook. Strategies from the SEO Design Solutions Playbook The strategy of employing sub domains or Read More

SEO Best Practices: Search Engine Marketing & Promotion

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Rather than make this an SEO how-to manual, we chose to provide a “big picture” view of which steps are critical for launching a successful website in today’s competitive environment. SEO Best Practices Part 2 Marketing and Promotion From the topics covered in SEO Best Practices: Getting Started (part 1) and this post SEO Best Read More

SEO Best Practices: Getting Started

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One of the most undervalued aspects of SEO is the amount of time it takes to develop a website properly. People often wonder why SEO pricing is so exorbitant, it is because you have to work holistically across various metrics and have a baseline of SEO best practices in order to create the appropriate signals Read More

Who Needs SEO If You Have Traffic?

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Almost fooled you on the headline to this post, the fact is, traffic is the objective and with the proper SEO, it is the result; but not all traffic converts which is why you need to know how, when and why to build a better funnel. SEO or Traffic: Which is Better? They say that Read More

The Difference Between SEO, Web 2.0 and Advertising

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The line of moral turpitude is what precludes one webmaster from embellishing on another persons property for financial gain. There is a fine line between SEO, Parasite SEO, Advertising and Web 2.0 Marketing; they are all means to an end, but ultimately at what cost? SEO, Advertising, Automation and Ethics Applying SEO is typically done Read More

Alternative Traffic Sources: Diversity and Conversion

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With all of the marketing jargon about sales funnels, sales cycles, message matching and utilizing enticing value propositions to encourage click throughs and conversions its easy to forget what proceeds them –“causation”, and why it matters. Traffic Sources, Visitors and Conversion Those aspects are merely “effects”, but what about taking a step back and looking Read More

Are You Using the Best SEO Approach?

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The importance of holistic SEO as a layered process is what determines the effectiveness of your campaign. Which SEO Approach is Best for You? Anyone can randomly add pages of content to a website, build links and haphazardly throw a pages together in hopes of tipping the scales of relevance in their favor; however it Read More

Content Wars, SEO & the Google Caffeine Sandbox

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In today’s competitive SEO landscape between multimillion dollar content wars, automation and improved search engine filters, how does your website stand up to the competition? Man Vs. Machine: Machine Learning Citation and Relevance As a contingency of SEO, we constantly study the SERPs (search engine result pages) for patterns and insights to assess the variances Read More

Organic SEO: Cultivating Natural Search Engine Rankings

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Each month Google sends millions of visitors to websites positioned highly in the organic / natural search results (the results that occur from peer review and citation not sponsorship). Cultivating Organic Rankings through SEO Although rankings in this region of the page are often the byproduct of organic search engine optimization, there are SEO best Read More