Aligning Keywords and Landing Pages

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One of the most valuable components of an SEO campaign is the correlation of aligning keywords and landing pages. How to Optimize Keywords and Landing Pages During the early stages of optimization, it is not uncommon to depend on the authority of the homepage to act as a “catch all” page for your websites most Read More

SEO Tips for Website Architecture

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What is the SEO threshold for a keyword when you need to add multiple layers of related content or amend the website architecture to embrace it as part of the topical theme of the site? SEO Tips for Site Architecture Does is take 5 pages of content to rank for keywords with 50K competing pages, Read More

Online Supply and Demand: SEO or the PPC Troll?

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In a world of supply and demand, brokering intent or aligning consumers in need with the right product, service, information or solution is the crowning achievement of SEO and online commerce. Are You Paying the Toll of the PPC Troll? If you are a victim caught in the whirlwind of paying the toll of the Read More

Building SEO into the Core of Your Website

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Rather than thinking of SEO as an afterthought and trying to make good on a bad situation, a savvy webmaster integrates a topic holistically into their website on multiple levels to emphasize relevance through an through. Building SEO into the Core of Your Website To conquer competitive verticals using SEO, you need to build topical Read More

Using Server Side Includes and Alt Attributes for SEO

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Today, I would like to share a powerful SEO technique (using server side includes SSI and alt attributes) to recapture a website from sagging rankings, orphaned pages, theme diffusion and supplemental results. Using Alt Attributes and SEO: This image could be a link for the keyword butterfly. This technique is particularly useful if you have Read More

Keyword Research is the Key to E-Commerce

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Keyword research is the first step in any SEO (search engine optimization) campaign. This is the phase where you compile various critical keywords based on your vertical market, competitors, trend analysis and emerging market trends. Choosing the Right Keywords for Commerce The key is to find the sweet spot in between where context, action words Read More

Authority Websites: How Big is Too Big?

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Everyone talks about authority sites, but how big is too big when it comes to creating rankings? Where is the point where having too much content can cause a website to sag under its own weight and lose relevance? How Big is Too Big? How many pages do you really need online to cross the Read More

Using SEO to Free Yourself from PPC

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For many the notion of liberating their advertising budget from PPC (pay per click) marketing and using an alternative such as SEO is a frightening gesture. Break Free of Pay Per Click Advertising Although fear can be a great motivator (in addition to ego based bidding when considering the power of a #1 ranking); to Read More

SEO Tips to Acquire Competitive Keywords

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When acquiring competitive keywords the rules of engagement change. Today’s SEO tip revolves around using 301 redirects, internal links and search operators to leverage previous content for present-tense SEO objectives. When to use 301 redirects for SEO There comes a time where you must decide, is that page from 6 years ago worth significant value Read More

SEO Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin Version 1.4 Released

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SEO Ultimate 1.4 has just been launched, adding yet another SEO function to the free plugin from SEO Design Solutions, Inc. SEO Ultimate 1.4 from SEO Design Solutions – Unleashed! The latest iteration of the ultimate WordPress SEO plugin adds a new module known as the Internal Relevance Researcher. This research tool answers the question: Read More

SEO Tips for Theming and Siloing

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Today’s SEO Tip will cover semantic Theming and Siloing your website to increase topical relevance and search engine rankings. SEO Tips for Nurturing Your Semantic Theme There are a number of  ways to achieve top rankings in search engines; but one of the most important aspects of SEO is to mirror and match your top Read More

Addicted to SEO

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I have heard the connotation that PPC (pay per click marketing) is like crack, that once you start you can’t stop using it, and for many businesses rightly so. In all seriousness, the notion of the action / reward modality “if you pay/ your website ranks here” is so simple with its deep-rooted psychological and Read More