Google SEO Tips: Matt Cutts & Eric Enge Interview

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First I would like to thank Matt Cutts (Software Engineer and Chief of the Webspam Team for Google) and Eric Enge from Stone Temple Consulting for the great interview they published on March 14th. Google SEO: Topics from Matt Cutts Eric Enge Interview Thanks to this interview, a plethora of looming misconceptions about SEO can Read More

I Read Three Other Blog Posts….Now What?

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This blog post tops off my four-part “Now What?” series that has covered three critical components to sales conversions after SEO and increased traffic trends have been achieved: Call-to-action, sleek design and killer sales copy. In the last post I wrote about writing good sales copy. The main thing to take away is that good Read More


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This blog post is continued from my last post, “I Have Call-to-Action…Now What?” In that post, we discussed how SEO and a great call-to-action don’t do much to convert sales unless you also have a clean, sleek and intuitive design to match it. The main thing to take away from that post: don’t make your Read More


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This blog is continued from my last blog, “I Have Traffic…Now What?” In that blog, we discussed that SEO was only half the battle of Internet marketing. Now that you have traffic, you need conversions. And the only way to get conversions is to optimize your site for sales. We talked about the importance of Read More


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Many people who enlist for SEO services are thrilled to see that their traffic numbers are higher than ever before. But then they are quickly puzzled to see that their conversions have not increased, or have increased very little. Getting Traffic is Not Enough… That is because traffic, or SEO, is only half the battle. Read More

Why SEO Transcends Tips, Tactics or Techniques

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When pondering a simple question, what is SEO? and is it just a bunch of tactics or techniques, this is what came to mind… SEO Transcends Techniques SEO is many things, but it is really the basis of understanding which keywords, markets and methods produce results. You can tweak all the meta tags and descriptions Read More

SEO Tips for Google Caffeine

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As of late with the new Google caffeine algorithms making their presence known, it is more important than ever to take these SEO considerations in mind. Can You Keep Up With Google Caffeine? 1)      Unique Content: Content must be unique in order to remain indexed. 2)      Minimize Duplication: Duplicate content filters are more sensitive to Read More

My Rankings Fell: Dealing with a Slip in the SERPs

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If you closely monitor your SEO rankings, from time to time a ripple enters the SERP’s (search engine result pages) and shakes things up a bit in the index. You need to minimize SERP volatility and assess if it was self-induced, algorithmic, or just your competitors challenging you for your most coveted keyword space. Rankings Read More

How to Avoid SEO Over Optimization

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Just because you read a few SEO blogs or heard from a friend of a friend of a friend who once heard that changing meta tags is all it takes, or just because you know how to write great content doesn’t make you great at SEO. How to Avoid SEO Over Optimization On the contrary Read More

How Semantic Connectivity Affects SEO

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If you are curious about SEO or ever wondered how search engines really work, then this is an absolute must-read post from Dr. E. Garcia from Dr. Garcia discuses in great detail, metrics such as “Keywords Co-Occurrence and Semantic Connectivity”. These are the contextual building blocks search engines utilize in order to assess and Read More

SEO Tips for Website Templates Part 2

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This is the follow up post for SEO Tips for Websites Templates part 1. In this post we discuss how to optimize each segment of your web pages to create an optimal, streamlined website template. Template Optimization Tips by SEO Design Solutions Web Page Variations are Typically Constituted By: The header or masthead The body Read More

SEO Tips for Website Templates Part 1

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Indexation is the first step in SEO and SERP (search engine result page) domination starts with building an optimal website template and using optimal website architecture. SEO Tips for Templates Part 1 If your pages are not indexed, deindexed or are not getting indexed due to flaws in your websites site architecture, this this guide Read More