There is No SEO Magic Bullet!

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While I would love to say that there is a definitive SEO Magic Bullet, much to my dismay, and the dismay of millions seeking first page results, there isn’t. There is No SEO Magic Bullet! While SEO is extremely effective for pushing competitors websites aside (as if by magic), what goes on behind the scenes Read More

SEO and Google: Protect Your Business from Failure!

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Google is not making SEO “an easy endeavor” for search engine optimization professionals; who, aside from competition have to wade through the waves, ripples and tides of Google’s increasingly stringent filters and potential algorithmic penalties. What? They changed it again? Such pitfalls (vacillations in search engine rankings) are to be expected, as SEO is based Read More

New SEO Tools in Progress

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Here is a sneak peak of the recent collaboration with Themezoom / DWS. Although I briefly hinted at the projects we have percolating in the labs, Russell Wright was courteous enough to record and share this video as Matt Da Cruz and I were discussing some of the new market defining SEO features and functions Read More

SEO Design Solutions Changes Business Model

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In case you’re wondering why our blog has been so quiet the past week and what we have been up to at SEO Design Solutions, it’s fair to say that some major shifts to our business model and focus are  currently underway. What's New at SEO Design Solutions The first shift being the shift away Read More

Alternative Ways to Measure SEO Results!

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What are alternative SEO metrics (aside from rankings) you can use to determine if your SEO campaign is working? Quantifying the effects of your efforts is integral as you move up the rankings for intentional and unintentional keywords. Other Ways to Measure SEO Results! There are multiple ways to assess the impact of your SEO Read More

The Domino Effect: Liberation from Link Dependency

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How stable are your off-page SEO efforts and how dependent is your website on other websites for rankings? Recently, Google performed an algorithmic update that functions like a chopping block for websites that are algorithmically challenged (light in the pants on relevance), contain minimal content (from a user perspective) or publish duplicate content from other Read More

The Practical SEO Guide: Part 2

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Taking up where we left off yesterday in the Practical, Tactical SEO Guide Part I, next up in the SEO Guide Series is template selection. Choosing the right template for the right task is one of the most underrated SEO techniques, which can either rank or tank a site. The Practical SEO Guide The templates Read More

Get More Traffic Without Search Engines

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Searching for effective off the beaten path alternatives to search engine traffic? Why let search engine algorithms or rankings deter you, when you can harness multiple traffic sources to reach the same audience? Get More Traffic Without Search Engines Today’s post looks at alternative traffic sources that can deliver more visitors through augmenting websites that Read More

Warning! Search Engine Algorithm Changes Detected!

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When rankings vacillate and a website loses position for a conversion-critical keyword, it can be sheer pandemonium for businesses owners, corporate giants or affiliates alike. Surviving Shifts in Search Engine Algorithms There are three things to be said about SEO and search engines (1) they work together wonderfully (like Reese’s Peanut Butter and Chocolate) and Read More

An Obvious Fault in the SEOmoz Difficulty Tool

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Something every webmaster wants to know is how competitive their keyword terms are in the bigger scheme of things. Especially if you spend hundreds if not thousands with Google’s Adwords advertising tool. How Accurate is the SEO Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool? Let’s say you are building a niche site on the topic of “personal loans.” Read More

Happy Holidays from SEO Design Solutions

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We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from the staff at SEO Design Solutions. Merry Christmas from SEO Design Solutions Enjoy your downtime this holiday and reflect back on 2010 and the great things about SEO and online business you’ve learned this year as you anticipate the boundless plenty that Read More

What is Website Silo Site Architecture?

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You may have heard about website silo architecture or theming your website, but what does it mean? How to Theme and Silo Your Website For those unfamiliar with the jargon or techie nomenclature; siloing simply means categorizing semantic content using a series of inter-linked posts which are ring-fenced to each other to consolidates the collective Read More