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For those of you currently using SEO Ultimate our Free WordPress SEO Plugin, this is a heads-up to let you know that  SEO Design Solutions is developing a companion WordPress theme to complement it amply named “The WP Ultimate Theme”.

WP Ultimate Theme Underway by SEO Design Solutions

The idea is simple, your website should rank as good as it looks, which it why we provide tons of epic, easy-to-implement features from the dashboard that will place the power of “instant SEO” at your fingertips.

This robust framework eliminates the need to have dozens of plugins running (when features can be delivered bundled from the theme itself) and will have your new website up and running  in minutes with powerful built-in SEO features.

Feature-Rich SEO At Your Finger Tips

What good is having a pretty website, if it’s not optimized for search engines? To answer the challenge, we are putting The WP Ultimate Theme to the test with features like:

  • Breadcrumbs, toggled from page level (on/off).
  • Custom template optimization for homepage, category pages and product landing pages.
  • Multiple “SEO Skins” for content (quickly select from 1,2,3 column or news style design).
  • Dynamic features (custom editable tag page –where you can showcase ads).
  • Page/level dynamic overrides for implementing custom masthead, sidebar, footer links and ad blocks.
  • Optional navigation / theme presets (to change navigation styles).
  • Ad Server Display Banner Management System – for raw html and / or “creative code” to support affiliate SEO and ad networks for content delivery, monetization and tracking.
  • Automatic Internal Linking
  • Instant Silo Builder (quickly implement themed categories, nested content and landing pages).
  • Dynamic Link Sculpting (i.e. 100 links on the page, turn 90 off and make them invisible to search engines) to pass more equity through the 10 you want.

– And more…

Although the feature list it growing daily and still being sorted, our programmers are in the lab as we speak tweaking variations on the theme and we will let you know when you can download this premium WordPress theme for our target price (under $100).

Push-Button SEO on the Fly

This is definitely a WordPress Theme you will not want to miss. The theme has been deployed in beta and we are hard-coding dozens of our most coveted custom SEO tips and tactics we use daily to dominate search engines directly into the theme.

The benefit to the user is simple, you save thousands of dollars on SEO (instead of us having to optimize your wordpress theme) with push-button SEO for easy/on page optimization and minimal code conflicts for plugins (which can be a problem if they are pulling from the same WordPress hooks).

For the one hundred thousand plus users who have already downloaded SEO Ultimate, you will not be disappointed with The WP Ultimate Theme. Consider this your way to “give back” through buying a copy so we can keep adding new and even more powerful features for both SEO Ultimate (the stand alone plugin) or The WP Ultimate Theme.  We consider this a serious one-two punch for SEO and WordPress driven sites.

Just as the feature list continues to grow for our SEO Ultimate Plugin, you can expect the same as we gain feedback from you, “the user” to create one of the most powerful SEO themes for WordPress ever conceived.

Want a Feature Developed, Let Us Know!

Stay tuned and we will keep you abreast of changes as they develop when the project leaves beta. If you have any ideas, now is your time to leave your thoughts on the wish-list below; if the ideas are stellar, then we will build them into the theme.

Let us know what you would like to see in a WordPress theme… 

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About Jeffrey_Smith

In 2006, Jeffrey Smith founded SEO Design Solutions (An SEO Provider who now develops SEO Software for WordPress).

Jeffrey has actively been involved in internet marketing since 1995 and brings a wealth of collective experiences and marketing strategies to increase rankings, revenue and reach.

22 thoughts on “WP Ultimate Theme Underway by SEO Design Solutions
  1. This sounds like it will be a very good theme, I use SEO ultimate and have seen result by how some of my pages are ranking on the internet. I am quite new to WordPress and web design, how long would it take to change the theme for a website? Is it quite simply a case of changing the theme then making a few changes to make everything look visually correct or do you have to basically build the whole website from scratch?

  2. @Paul:

    The good thing is, you can always disable a feature (if you don’t need it) for SEO Ultimate, we should consider the same overrides for features as well within the theme.

    Perhaps an import / export function like we have with SEO Ultimate settings at present.

    Great food for thought, thanks Paul.


    You know you will get to test this one when it’s ready Danny. Will keep you posted bud.

    Any other ideas are welcomed during this information gathering phase. It’s not too late as nothing it etched in stone yet…

  3. really looking forward to The WP Ultimate Theme sounds like it is going to be very useful.

  4. andreanvoo says:

    great!! i will bookmark it

  5. Are you guys considering code hierarchy, microformats, title=”” in the internal linking, abbr manager for abbr heavy sites (auto add abbr title=””), google analytics integration at the page level, CSS & javascript combiner and minifier, icon packs that are done via CSS sprites…

    I have a list literally hundreds long :)

    BTW by code hierarchy I mean something like:

  6. Hi Chris:

    We are now…

    Will see what we can do to bake this in after reviewing with team. We may go html 5 on this one.



  7. Jeffrey –

    Been reading the white papers for months and ranking incredibly well thanks to your insights and plugin, looking forward to this one.

    There are a few things I’d like to see, but mainly because I’m a content-focused marketer and not a coder.

    As such, any way to integrate an automatic text decorator for SEO benefit?

    One popular plugin is from Daniel Tan, SEOPressor. It has features such as an SEO checklist/analyzer for your content using his parameters, as well as an automatic text decorator that you can toggle on / off.

    Another feature on a similar plugin is LSI integration…giving insights into which LSI terms to target given a keyword.

    Video / XML / Image sitemap generator…

    Wordtracker has a nice plugin that shows traffic estimates from their data given selected keywords…

    What about a heatmap / conversion checker thingy? (I’m uber technical.) Google Analytics has something like it, or GetClicky…That would help with conversion optimization anyway. Maybe an upgraded feature (that would be pretty hot for an on-page tweak freak like myself)?

    Automatic integration with Twitter and Facebook would also be a nice feature, as would micro-blogging integration (so when you publish, a snippet gets broadcast where it counts).

    Any ETA on this? Can you call me when it’s ready?? :)

  8. Hey James:

    Thanks for breezing through. Those are great suggestions, but may be out of the scope of the theme sounds more like plugins (except the Facebook stuff). We work with a great deal (great people over there) and have asked them to create a WordPress plugin that spiders a page through their API (which in turn could provide much more depth using market focus algorithm than Daniels plugin).

    Video sitemaps are a plus, there is a plugin (WP Heatmap) although I am not sure if they updated it for WP 3.0.4 yet and I know DWS 3.0 will have the analytics tweaks you want (also a plugin again). We are building this for coders who want features on the fly, without having to touch the code and make custom hacks. It’s still taking shape (have meetings today to go over it) and I will most definitely keep you posted.

    Thanks again for visiting.

  9. terrance says:

    This sounds like a great theme you guys are working on. Will the theme be offered with different licences? Also, can it be used a blog, as well as, cms? I wanted to you for the heads up on DWS3.0, I got in its going to be a beast.

  10. Hey Terrance

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you before. Burning the candle pretty hard here at SDS. Had a meeting with the developers today about the theme. We may make it a partial framework and add more dynamic elements, but the ability to target ads in any segment (masthead, sidebar, content or footer) as well as the ability to toggle specific features (such as navigation or server side includes) will definitely be an option on each page (follow, nofollow, internal links, exclusion, etc.).

    For now, we are trying to see what we can do, test it (and try to break it) before we launch, but we have not settled on all the features yet. Any suggestions?

    And we will have a one user and development license…

    All the best,


  11. kev grant says:

    Hi Jeffrey, can’t wait to see this, and got a couple of ideas, will email you.


  12. Looking forward to it Kev, but you better hurry, we just started development today. Shoot me an email so we can bake the changes in…

  13. Hi Jeffrey – if you’re interested in directly discussing some of my ideas please feel free to contact me.

    BTW – by google analytics integration per page I meant something like –[email protected]/5280480291/

  14. @Chris:

    Will be in touch soon…

  15. Ashraf says:

    Hello guys,

    I always love stuff from SEODesignsolutions :)

    For the new theme, I’d like to suggest only one thing : ability to control nofollow and follow links especially links at the sidebar and top navigation menu.

    Most themes don’t offer this so I’ve to hack into php files to get this done.

    Thanks ;)

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