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Your website page titles are one of the first things both search engines and human visitors see in the search engine result pages. However, if you miss your mark or are slightly off-kilter with your titles, chances are that you can leave money on the table and miss the traffic band that a few mere tweaks could rectify.

Are you leaving money on the table from lackluster titles?

Using “exact match shingles”, i.e. “dialing in variations of keyword clusters in titles” can align your landing pages to resonate with phrases with high search volume vs. randomly having keywords appear in broad match form. Luckily for you, we have a free solution.

Mass Edit Titles with the SEO Ultimate Title Tag Rewriter Module

Rewrite Titles In Mass with SEO Ultimate's Title Tag Rewriter

Since click through rates are a ranking factor (and most definitely a conversion factor), there is no point in ranking on page one with a lackluster meta title or description, which is why our solution to this dilemma (SEO Ultimate) has the ability to rewrite tags, titles, meta descriptions and now “even meta keywords” as an added layer to complement your on page SEO efforts in search engines.

Now you can reclaim lackluster titles  and capture more traffic as a result of aligning keywords to phrases with search volume with ease.

  1. First,  download SEO Ultimate (our free WordPress SEO plugin) you can download our SEO plugin directly from WordPress or simply use your dashboard within WordPress and go to Plugins > Search for SEO > then select Install for SEO Ultimate.
  2. Once installed go the module manager.
  3. From there you can turn any features on or off that you do not require (for example, I usually turn off the slug optimizer) unless it’s a new blog and I am starting fresh with the slug in the URL optimized (stop words removed). In any case, you can customize which modules (plugins) you enable or silence from the module manager.
  4. Click Title Tag Rewriter from the menu.
  5. On the left you will see the existing Permalink title for the post or page and next to it is a blank field.
  6. In the blank field, simply write your preferred title (you can mass edit up to 100 posts or pages at a time) and then click “save changes”.

The beauty of this module in SEO Ultimate is (a) if you missed the boat on your initial titles (b) if you want to re-theme your posts or pages title to something more conducive to search engine traffic, you can do so without having to load one page at a time and execute this painstaking task.

Imagine Rewriting 934 posts by hand (the old way)...

Keep in mind, the Permalink you had will still show up in the post or page, but the title tag in the html header portion of the document, will reflect the more streamlined / optimal refined title tag, which is what search engines will display in the SERPs (search engine result pages) to viewers.

With a bit of keyword research and an optimized search engine title and meta tag snippet (1) you can rank for dozens or hundreds of additional dormant keyword variations and (2) dial in your titles to garner more traffic on demand.

Now that your titles are tweaked, the SEO Ultimate plugin also has a “Meta Description Editor” module (in addition to the Title Tag Rewriter) which also allows you to mass edit 100 posts or pages at a time. Talk about a time saver for on page SEO revisions.

Mass Edit Page Descriptions 100 at a time with SEO Ultimate

If you would rather have our plugin fill in the meta descriptions on automatically, Meta Description Editor has a new {excerpt::autogen} variable that lets you autogenerate meta descriptions using the first words of your posts. This can be a huge timesaver, especially if your posts’ first content is already primed for SERP clickthroughs.

Having this kind of fine-grained control over the meta title and meta description is like breathing new life into dead posts or creating a more coherent topical theme for your website.

Just another feature provided by SEO Ultimate from SEO Design Solutions, a premium quality SEO Plugin, offered free of charge for WordPress.

Download your copy today and enjoy dozens of real-word in the trenches SEO features like this. New training modules are in the works in addition to finalizing our WordPress theme framework (WP Ultimate).

Stay tuned for updates make sure you come back and read the SEO Design Solutions Blog for SEO Tips and Tactics to Distinguish your website in search engines. Thanks for reading! 

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About Jeffrey_Smith

In 2006, Jeffrey Smith founded SEO Design Solutions (An SEO Provider who now develops SEO Software for WordPress).

Jeffrey has actively been involved in internet marketing since 1995 and brings a wealth of collective experiences and marketing strategies to increase rankings, revenue and reach.

8 thoughts on “SEO Ultimate: Mass Meta Title and Description Editor
  1. Jeffrey
    Thanks very much for the instructions.


  2. @Danny:

    Thank you Danny, Hope all is well with you. Appreciate the sentiment and plan to add videos and training for the plugin (finally) to help people appreciate all the nuances it contains.

    Wish you the best, take care…

  3. Shalini says:

    Thanks for Sharing a useful imformation

  4. Marcus says:

    The plugin is very good Jeffrey.

    One problem I am having is that the Title tags are not appearing in the search engine results….

    It’s a real pain…any idea why it might be happening?

    I am using the Genesis theme, which also has an seo module…however Seo Ultimate seems to override their system functionality

  5. @Marcus:

    The title tags are rewritten in SERP results, but the permalink title, and/or keywords remains the same. Perhaps look at the page in the SERPs to see if the title tag rewriter is working. Otherwise, you have a theme /plugin conflict and one must stay and the other go (as we cannot rewrite our plugin to work with all other themes). Hence, the development of our own Theme framework WP Ultimate…


  6. QuickSolutions says:

    Thank You, this is quite impressive, and is the ONE solution which could save countless hours of time.

    I have a question. If “Meta Description Editor” and “Title Tag Rewriter” were used to write/auto-write the descriptions and titles across hundreds of posts in a site, will they be retained if for some reason, we happen to un-install SEO Ultimate in the future?

    Thanks again.

  7. If you uninstall, then they simply revert to the original meta descriptions on file in the database. It does not change them, simply rewrites them to the bots (this way your permalinks stay the same, but the bots can also rank you for your NEW keywords in the title and meta descriptions). This is a great way to get twice the traffic if you harness the exact match and modifiers (synonyms) in titles and meta data.

  8. Can anyone explain how the default formats at meta descriptions work? It does not show when i for example use {post}-{description} Anyone and helf fpr me? Thanks.

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