SEO Myths Debunked SEO 2.0 Has Arrived

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Much like the saying goes in the temple of Delphi, “Know Thyself” is a concept that applies equally to SEO. One of the most common misconceptions that are addressed on a daily basis is, “If the keywords are in my meta tags, I should rank for those terms right?” Maybe back in 1994 when all Read More

Search Engine Seo Solutions – Seo Myth #1 – Debunked

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SEO web design is a meticulous process that involves understanding the criteria that search engines place emphasis on in the evaluation of web pages. Pages that deliver those criteria in concert with other well known supporting practices are rewarded with significant increases in rankings for the key words that comprise those pages. For example, did Read More

Deep Linking Internet Marketing Strategy

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Just wanted to make a quick post with a nice way to supercharge your internal pages using SEO. This optimization tactic that is sure to score points with the (DIY) do-it-yourself SEO guys & gals out there. This internet marketing strategy involves deep linking, the theory of the sealed jar in relationship to your pages Read More

Is the Page Rank Update Really Under Way?

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So it’s that time of the year again when Google updates the Toolbar Page Rank (the little green bar with a rating system of 1-10 for each page). This phenomenon is known in the SEO community as the TBPR Export or Toolbar Page Rank Export. Despite the fact if you’re for or against the validity Read More

Website Design SEO and Usability

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Just like a triangle, a trifecta exists for Seo Web Design that applies to layout, presentation and content that shape the user experience from the moment a viewer reaches your website. Things as miniscule as loading time, the font selection, and the color palette determine the overall stickiness factor of your website for humans. Websites’ Read More

Does your website need SEO?

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Search Engine Optimization, Fad or Fact An increasing number of businesses are beginning to realize that not using your website to it’s full potential is essentially not the best idea. For most small businesses, 70-85% of all new leads comes directly as a result of how well they are positioned online. Although that is no Read More

SEO Blogs and Business

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SEO Blogs are Great for Business Without going into what a cookie cutter description of what Search Engine Optimization is, we would rather provide examples of how SEO can place the power to outrank your competition in the palm of your hands. Since the inception of blogs (short for web-logs) a new publishing format that Read More

Down Time and Offline

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Has this scenario ever happened to you, personally I hope not. Just checking your site out to breeze over your latest revisions, everything is fine and you leave for a few minutes. Upon returning, you try to access your site and – Blammo – your site is down. At this point you only have a Read More

Website Optimization

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Website optimization is one way to get your website noticed. Of course there are other methods like print advertising, word of mouth, radio or television, but most pale in comparison to the cost effective nature of internet advertising and promotion. Without website promotion something unthinkable happens, zero traffic to your site. In order avoid the Read More