Is Your Website Stranded?

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Is your website stranded past page two for your main keywords? The chances of someone going to the second or third page to find your website is like the chances of this poor chap finding a signal or a ride from the dilemma. Fortunately in real life, there is SEO to the rescue for sinking Read More

SEO – It’s All About the Cache!

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With SEO it’s all about the cache. Crawl frequency determines how changes impact your site. Without an updated cache, there are no significant changes or rankings to report to search engines. Do you see why getting the attention of spiders is important? They are the gatekeepers between your content and the world. RSS is one Read More

What is the Purpose of SEO?

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Life is about cause, effect and purpose, search engine optimization and using a search engine are no different. When you take the experience of a normal search into account, it starts with purpose and either ends with a pleasant conclusion or is aborted until another impulse predominates as the surfer moves (from link to link) Read More

Starting a Search Engine Optimization Campaign?

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Who says there are no politics in search engine optimization? Just like an election, to gain exposure, your website must essentially campaign for supremacy against millions of other competing pages (candidates) using keywords, links and popularity to be elected into the top 10. If your message is strong (the theme of your content) and has Read More

Is MSN Live’s Style Sheet Search Broken?

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It appears that MSN Live Search was performing some routine maintenance and forgot to put up the be back in 15 minutes sign while it went streaking. I was just minding my own business and conducting a few searches between 7:30-8 PM CST on Thursday Feb 7th, and low and behold all I received was Read More

What’s Better than One Top 10 Search Engine Ranking?

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The answer is simple, two Top 10 search engine result pages (a double listing) on the same page. Have you ever wondered what the key is behind this ranking tactic? It’s no accident, in fact many companies are purposely attempting to garner the strategic advantage in search engines and have discovered that, if you tactfully Read More

Organic SEO

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Some clients tend to look at Organic SEO like a vending machine. Like they want to put their money in a slot and instantly win the top 10 prize. Organic SEO depends on the climate of the competition, the industry and variables such as (a) the content on your pages (b) if your site is Read More

Search Engine Marketing SEO or SMO? Who Cares as Long as it Works

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With all of the fancy jargon-rich industry terms flying around, it doesn’t really matter if you call it SEO “search engine optimization“, SEM “search engine marketing“, SMO “social media optimization” or just good old fashioned marketing. The bottom line still remains the same.

Is MSN the New Google?

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Is MSN Live the New Google Hopefully I am not speaking out of turn here, but in all summation MSN Live has dropped a trump card on the world of search engine optimization with their new MSN live search engine. Not only is the interface nothing less than efficient, stylish and relevant. It now in Read More

Target Marketing, Hit, Miss or Finding the Right Audience

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Hitting your target in marketing takes more than wishful thinking, it takes research, perspective, patience and aptitude. Knowing who your customers are, where to find them how to speak to them and what makes them tick is what distinguishes those who have a successful online marketing campaign and those who aspire to crack the code Read More

Hittail Long Tail Search Engine Monitoring Tool is a Hit for SEO

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If you are currently evaluating a search engine positioning service, then you may wish to consider a firm that utilizes the benefits of long tail search engine optimization. This is the practice of optimizing keyword combinations that are outside of your main or broad search keywords, but have the ability to drive traffic to your Read More