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Today I would like to share a straightforward SEO tactic that serves as a crucial layer for developing topical authority for your website.

Adding Content Adds SEO Value

Adding Content Adds SEO Value

There is inherent value for sustaining a consistent post frequency of new content for your website in order to develop a robust online presence in addition to closing in on competitive keywords.

Each time you add a new page to your website, that page has the ability to act as a flagship for any previously established topics from any of your indexed pages. If you consider your website from a holistic prospective, think of it as a body of information that has the ability to adapt and express itself in many ways.

Depending on what attributes are dormant or potential and which aspects are realized and expressed determines which keywords appear higher or lower respectively in the search engine result pages (SERPs). For example, if you have 100 pages of relevant content on TOPIC A, then you have a high degree of co-occurence for TOPIC A. As a result, anything related to TOPIC A will rise to the top of search results with less effort.

By carefully mapping our which topics, keywords and contextual modifiers and link you use, you can increase or reinforce ranking factor for any topic, based on the quality, volume and popularity those pages garner.

Each time you add a new page; the contents of that page are essentially sifted and extracted into a repository of words. Those words are then extracted for contextual relevance and algorithmically contribute to your rankings by producing a higher term frequency and co-occurrence for specific re-occurring synonyms, keywords and key phrases.

Depending on how you leverage the “fresh content” factor, (deep linking to pages in need to link flow, increasing the crawl frequency of the main site, or establishing your site as a hub) produces a reaction and influx of new ranking factors from search engines.

As a result, the new page (much like the tip of an iceberg) can draw upon the previous layers of content and serve to release the tension of latent potential and scale the search results and virtually skip over complacent competitors.

Increasing post frequency has a dramatic impact on developing website authority. This is the prime directive of SEO (to create an authority site). Instead of “going after” rankings and trying to cherry-pick the best keywords, an authority site can rank in the top 10 results from just adding a keyword in the title, writing a few paragraphs on an unrelated page, or just by “linking to itself” in a specific manner.

The takeaway here is, the new pages of today become the aged authoritative pages of tomorrow. With that in mind, the content that you produce can serve a myriad of purposes such as (1) to provide short term rankings for itself (2) to support other pages by creating a relevant hub for linking to related pages from or (3) eventually be used as 301 redirects to targeted landing pages (once it has rankings attached).

In closing, here are few related posts on the topic of post frequency, the [not modified] 304 http status code and the value of fresh content. With SEO, the more variables you can control, the greater impact the cumulative layers can produce.

Creating new pages based on keywords on the precipice of ranking is one way to season your website and replace complacent pages in the search engine index who for whatever reason no longer find the need to rise in the ranks for specific keywords or related key phrases.

By carefully mapping out clear ranking objectives, you can chip away at the most competitive keywords over time, while ball rolling the low hanging fruit along the way until those very keywords you considered competitive and the new low hanging fruit on your hit list. 

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