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SEO copywriting is a search engine optimization tactic that businesses use to increase relevance for keywords within their website. However, all SEO copywriting services are not created equal. SEO copywriting should not be synonymous with spam, on the contrary, optimized content should build value and authority for a website.

SEO Copywriting Does Not Mean SPAM!

SEO Copywriting Does Not Mean SPAM!

If you have to read something three times to get it, then an edit is in order. SEO Copywriting in the past was nearly synonymous with repetitive keywords strung together by a thread of continuity masquerading as a topic.

Keep in mind that search engine spiders can read and if they can determine that your blatant attempt to manipulate context is overbearing and grammatically incomprehensible, chances are your page will take a hit by being devalued as a resource.

Having sufficient content in a website is one of the critical metrics search engines evaluate to determine what value your pages have to offer (1) the ability to sell PPC ads (depending on the topic) and more importantly (2) how relevant is the content to end users?

Before we secured our own team of writers, we outsourced in the past and were disappointed by two things (1) the lack of depth many of the articles had and (2) the keyword stuffing which was way over the top for any human reader to consider relevant or useful.

The end goal is to create traffic, and that search traffic is dependent on keyword queries executed in search engines. Even though you may want a visitor to enter through the front door, view your homepage first, visit your product page or contact form and immediately place an order that is not always the case or the navigation path selected.

Search engines can send traffic to virtually any page that is indexed in your website, which means, if it does not pass the litmus test of reading or skimming from human readers, have a clear message, immediate value and an emotional trigger or hook to encourage action, then it is a moot point and near waste of pixels.

SEO copywriting serves multiple purposes:

  • To increase relevance and authority to search engines
  • To drive more relevant traffic to your website
  • To increase your websites search engine result page positioning

Aside from just having fresh content or adding new content regularly, each page runs the gauntlet within the search engines index to see how it stacks up against the more popular topical pages that already exist as a benchmark.

This means it is better to write more content over time that contain topical keywords as the subject, allow them to get indexed and make their impression, then add more content over time.

Sure, you could add 1000 pages of content overnight, but that also is not considered a natural phenomenon; hence it is better to cultivate relevance for specific keywords through creating a regulated posting schedule.

Also, low grade grammatically incorrect content with keywords exceeding the consistency and frequency of natural language are blatant SPAM and rarely pass enough authority to warrant their existence.

Choose keywords wisely, create stellar content, post regularly or when you do add content, if there are keywords in the content that lend themselves to other pages, sub folders or landing pages, then link to them using the preferred anchor text you intend the target page to rank for.

Aside from these simple reminders, SEO copywriting from the standpoint of articles as stand-alone beacons only represents one facet of how SEO copy or SEO services can benefit your website.

Each page within your website that contains words adds to the tally of the global term weight thresholds your website produces.

Search engines can diagnose how many times keywords appear, how frequently they appear in context with other synonymous phrases in anchor text or supporting modifiers (descriptive keywords such as affordable, best, leadind, etc.)  The combination of keywords and their context determine how search engines score each individual page and correlate the page with keyword queries.

Think of a keyword as a common thread that connects your pages with a topic and the quality of the content and context of the authority your website has on that topic. Once you exceed the tipping point, your pages will start to attract more traffic from search engines (if the quality is up to par).

Here is Our Suggested Reading List for Resources on SEO Copywriting:

Search engines reward quality content as it makes them appear more reputable as a qualified source of information. They do not write the content, but they are a middleman and pass it on to others, so, if you intend to benefit from free traffic as a result of natural search, then keep your keyword usage and content natural as well. 

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  1. mauco says:

    Thanks for this post. I was discussing this same point with a friend a few days back.

    In the past, my friend’s website used to rank quite highly for a specific key phrase. They therefore went overboard with the key phrase to their own detriment. Thanks for the info.

  2. Besiders says:

    Good Article !!.. keep in mind the Content relevancy !!.. and the RSS

  3. The post is very good.Visiting homepage is really necessary.Got to know a lot of things that i was unaware of previously.

  4. You hit the nail on the head, when you began talking about relevancy. There are so many SEO companies out there that seem to forget that the user is the target audience, and not the search engine. As you put it, the content takes time to grow over time. It is like planting a seed, and every time you update the site is like watering it a bit. You will slowly build up an audience and search traffic. There is little patience for some out there and as you put it, turns into keyword stuffing. It basically gets to the point that it looks like alphabet soup, and no one can understand it. I think that copy writing is far from spam, but I can see where misconception can happen. I can tell already in Google’s new search algorithm, ‘Caffeine’ that content plays a significant role along with anchor text.

    I enjoyed the article Jeff and plan on reading all of the ones you have written. It is insightful, well written, and in some ways inspiring.

  5. Thanks Matthew, we try to at least put a spin on things, no tens inpunded of course.

    Great comments again…

  6. Philip M. says:

    Great post! Certainly valuable to anyone who offers web content writing services out there. Thanks a lot!

  7. Sydney CBD says:

    Its not coming up with fresh content which is hard.. its coming up with content which isnt complete garabage time and time again which is the hard part.

  8. Arabic SEO says:

    Great article. the problem is that some seo copywriters forget that they should write for visitors first, and optimize the copy for search engines.

    Writing quality content, even if it not easy everyday, but it is good way to connect with visitors, establish credibility and rank on top of search engines.

  9. Content is King! :)

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