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What is First Rank Priority?You have heard of first link priority right? I prefer the take of Andy Beard on this one…which is test it first and then test it again and again, but what about first rank priority?

Do Your Landing Pages Have First Rank Priority?

Do Your Landing Pages Have First Rank Priority?

First rank priority is when you can use SEO and internal link optimization to influence which page appears in the search engine result pages based on two factors you can control. Those factors are (1) your internal links (the anchor text choice and frequency of internal links) and (2) the volume and addition of deep links to a specific page in your website.

I touched on this in a previous post about managing your website’s reputation and I am not referring to negative suppression, but rather the concentration of your website’s theme density and relevance for its primary keywords.

In a nutshell one of the downsides of organic SEO is, without a clear vision and planning, you may be sending traffic to the wrong page in your website. One analogy is like charging someone a cover charge for a venue and telling them that the entrance is around the corner, then when they get there they can’t find it or a small sign indicating that venue has been moved. Face it, no one likes to get duped…

“The point being, managing consumer expectation is mandatory when corralling a potential prospects attention. You have to give them what they want (or show them  how to find it quickly) or your website will just be a speck in the rear view mirror to that consumer.

Most visitors are fickle to begin with and are already half way out the door when they land on your page. If your content fails to impress or does not “DELIVER” the promise of what they expected, chances are they will find it on a competitors website shortly. The remedy to increase landing page conversion at this juncture is (a) elect a champion page and (b) build its reputation both on page and off page to cement relevance for that page.

You never know what the reason might be, all it takes potentially is one off color, a janky pop under advertisement or anything that can trigger the feeling that “this site lacks character and its time to move along”. Relevance should overwhelm the visitors sense of urgency and at least diffuse the burning question, am I on the right page? or is this web page an ideal solution?

Visitors need reassurance and you can provide that reassurance by mapping out and providing an array of landing pages best suited to counteract  the most frequent objections and “get them off the fence” and into an actionable mode of engagement.

In search engines, pricing related queries should return pricing landing pages, consulting pages should return consulting packages, item numbers for product specs should have THAT page appear, not the home page or a generic listing.

You can correct this through providing a sufficent amount of deep links to a page to sculpt which page appears in the rankings.

For related posts on the topic I have a suggested reading list below:

Have fun experimenting with your site to find the ideal tipping point for your content to elevate individual pages into the top rankings for the trophy keywords. Developing first rank priority for each major page in your website should be the takeaway from this post. Since content is scalable, its only a matter of time, energy, content, effort and links. 

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