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Organic SEO known as natural search or natural search engine optimization requires patience, skill and persistence. Just like a plant, it flourishes when it is nurtured and withers when it lacks attention or water.

natural search engine optimization

Organic SEO: Natural Search Engine Optimization

The question is; what will it take to grow your website into a flourishing and burgeoning, living, breathing online organism, capable of thriving online while surviving the cycles and bouts or seeding, nurturing and harvesting results?

As the analogy suggests, the only distinction between a plant and your website is that the fertilizer is “content” and the water it needs to survive is “citation from internal or inbound links”.

Primary Organic Search Engine Principles:

1)      The playing field is level, since every website has to start somewhere (from zero).

2)      Time, tactic and strategy can determine the rate of how fast your site grows, what it ranks for and how much link juice it can pass to other critical pages.

3)      The climb to the top of search engine rankings is conditional (depending on competition/ challengers, site architecture issues, link development thresholds, and the barrier to entry).

4)      Relevant /quality content is mandatory to gain a genuine online presence and lay the groundwork for future website / page authority (the stuff rankings are made of); stability and momentum.

5)      Once you gain traction and rankings, there are bigger concerns (such as conversion, scalability, SEO defense and freshness).

Gestation takes time and each website has its own challenges, and not all seeds bud at the same time. In other words, the challenges of predicting the time to the top 10 depends on a number of variables. Don’t cut corners with low quality, copied or duplicate content as they do not carry the proper relevance signature.

The thing about organic SEO is, once you engage the process, you cannot dig up the seeds to see if they are sprouting, you must have patience and give each keyword what IT needs for it to surpass the needed relevance thresholds.

You have to plant each keyword in fertile soil (surrounded by relevant / themed content), provide sustenance (links) and provide radiance (citation and social engagement) to create the proper signals.

Primary SEO Considerations for Organic SEO

  • Competition
  • Content thresholds
  • Time to Develop Authority


Signals for consideration are:

  • The age of their site (new entry or seasoned authority site).
  • The number of pages that have dedicated to the THEME or keyword cluster.
  • How many inbound links that are using to support their primary keywords through (a) navigation (b) server side includes (c) image alt attributes /internal links (d) contextual links and (e) deep links from other websites to mirror the on page SEO signals.
  • How aggressive they are with on page content development, link acquisition (natural, paid, social or otherwise) and what type of SEO budget / resources they have to work with.
  • Their ability to patiently build momentum and harvest their sites dynamic ranking equity it develops as it becomes an authority (from proper SEO).

Content Thresholds:

You can (a) look back to the history of the domain to assess the rate of its ascent (if it has impacted the link graph of the web enough through a ripple to make a dent) and (b) what their current online footprint is as a result of the type and frequency of content they publish to gain citation.

In summary, you should (1) find out when your competition started their quest and planted the first seeds and (2) what fertilizer they are using to keep their sites healthy and ranking in the search engine result pages.

For this feat, you can employ the aid of:

The wayback machine internet archive

snapshot of

1)      The Internet Archive: The website is and it is just that, an archive of the web for those websites that received enough citation to impact the link graph and get spidered and indexed search engines’ cache.

While the information is not always recent, you should be able to see when the first seeds were planted and how many pages have sprouted up over the years.

Omgili - Google Search

Omgili - Google Search: Assess Competition through Citation

2) : The Google driven forum / social media barometer that allows you to take a pulse on competitors, their publishing habits / post frequency across blogs, news, real-time, video,  on the web at large and in forums.

Assess Indexation from Google

Assess Indexation from Post Frequency and Time Specific Search

3)      By using the new sidebar feature on the left side of a standard Google, you can enter a domain using the name of the website in a search query (replace your competitor with domain) and then select in the past (real time, week or month) to see their number of indexed pages and present indexed citations.

Time to Develop Authority:

This depends on multiple variables which may or may not be under your control, such as:

  • How much time, energy, content and / or links you can build (based on limited budgetary or time constraints.
  • If you apply consistent pressure through post frequency or lapse in pressing forward (for whatever reason).
  • How aggressive the competition is in keeping their relevance score and authority scaled in step or ahead of your own.

For example, If they are publishing 5 times per week and syndicating their content through RSS feeds, aggregators, news / media channels and social media bi-weekly and you are only publishing one time per week, and only using one of many possible layers of citation and syndication, your relevance score and footprint is going to have a difficult time scaling past their organic search engine result page position.

No one said organic SEO was easy, however, the rewards of devouring dozens, hundreds or thousands of keywords based on (1) understanding underlying semantic keyword relationships and the value of natural language in application, site architecture, internal and inbound links and (2) creating top 5 search engine result page positions and coupling those keyword / rankings with ideal conversion objectives is priceless from the perspective of ROI.

Sure, you can go spend money on paid traffic, promotion and other means of online exposure, but organic SEO is by far the most cost effective method for driving more relevant traffic from people already searching for products and services like your own, than any other online medium.

If you are interested in organic SEO services, then visit our SEO pricing page for additional details or to request a quote for organic search engine positioning from SEO Design Solutions.

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  1. Great analogy. I’ve always thought and recommended to my clients to focus on organic SEO and see how far they can take their business with that before spending thousands of dollars on AdWords or other costly methods. Not too mention, it’s interesting and entertaining to watch your ranking improve just by the small everyday techniques.

  2. If you are patient, the ROI is through the roof if you can fare bouts with competitors and the cycles of organic ascent.

  3. John Tait says:

    I think natural search engine optimization can help you best for your web site to reach at good position in search engine.It might be possible that it may take some time but help you a lot.

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    That’s rather interesting article and hope it would help me in my work.

  7. John Neila says:

    Your analogy to nurturing a seedling is appropriate. Organic SEO takes quite a bit of time to accomplish and unlike some black hat techniques I’ve seen implemented, it is long lasting.

    Instead of spending tons of money on AdWords and other techniques; a steady persistent approach using free SEO software tools and other resources that are readily available online, works just as well if not better.

    There are many simple and effective free methods of acquiring back links from authority sites available that will improve your site ranking almost overnight. A description of one is available at

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