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SEO Ultimate, the free WordPress SEO plugin from SEO Design Solutions, has been upgraded with major new updates to its popular 404 Monitor module.

404 Monitor for WordPress

SEO Ultimate Updates 404 Monitor Module

By default, the 404 Monitor now only logs 404 errors that either have a referring URL or are generated by search engine spiders, since these are the 404s to which you should pay attention.

404s with a referring URL often indicate the presence of a broken link. Investigating these errors gives you the chance to correct the broken link or contact someone who can, thus restoring lost link juice and incoming anchor text.

404s generated by search engine spiders are also important because they indicate that a search engine spider is actively looking for content on your site that may have moved. Investigating this second type of 404 errors gives you the chance to implement any overlooked redirects.

404 Monitor can identify and recognize the 9 most popular search engines worldwide – not just U.S. search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), but international search engines as well (Baidu, Yandex, Soso, and Sogou).

By limiting logged 404s to these two focus areas (broken links and lost search engines), 404 Monitor presents users with just the 404s that they can often take practical steps to fix (by fixing the broken link or implementing a redirect).

SEO Ultimate 404 Monitor Dashboard

SEO Ultimate 404 Monitor Settings

This new default also cuts down on “junk” 404s such as trackback spam, failed vulnerability exploit URLs, and robot-generated “nonsense URLs.” This new focus also cuts back on database usage. If desired, you can also return 404 Monitor to its previous logging behavior on the module’s “Settings” tab.

In addition, users can now exclude certain URLs (or even wildcard URL patterns) from being logged by 404 Monitor. Users can also limit database usage by specifying a maximum log size on the “Settings” tab (the default is 100 log entries).

In addition to tracking 404 errors, SEO Ultimate can supercharge your site with title tag rewriting, meta tag editing, rich snippet tags, automatic internal linking, robots.txt/htaccess editing, and much, much more.

Install the free SEO Ultimate plugin today and see for yourself why SEO Ultimate is getting rave reviews across the Internet. Just use the automated installer on the SEO Ultimate homepage or download the zip file directly from WordPress.

Download SEO Ultimate 

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About Jeffrey_Smith

In 2006, Jeffrey Smith founded SEO Design Solutions (An SEO Provider who now develops SEO Software for WordPress).

Jeffrey has actively been involved in internet marketing since 1995 and brings a wealth of collective experiences and marketing strategies to increase rankings, revenue and reach.

81 thoughts on “SEO Ultimate Adds New 404 Monitoring Features
  1. Alin says:

    Ok, there is a problem with meta description for the category pages.
    Does anyone know how to show up a custom category description ? As far as i’ve seen seodesignsolutions is not interested helping it’s customers with this plugin… to bad!

  2. @Vicki: Are you running or

    @dementu: What problem are you having exactly?

    @Richard and @lino: WPML support is planned for a future release.

    @AKLP: Yes, if you make optimizations to your site with SEO Ultimate (such as custom title/meta tags), they will be visible to all crawlers.

    @Dez: The excerpt is only the default. You can override the meta description for any individual post.

    @Alin: So you’re saying SEO Ultimate has a “problem” and that we “aren’t interested in helping our customers” just because this free plugin doesn’t yet have a feature that you want? Please be more considerate of the free support we provide for this plugin. If you want a feature, ask nicely for it and maybe you’ll get it.

  3. Frank says:

    Hi, great plugin! Like others here, i’m having trouble with the excerpt.

    The only solution i saw here was to erase excerpt from the config, and not use it.

    The thing is i (and others) need the auto excerpt mostly for sharing purpose (mixx…)

    Anybody has a fix for this, another plugin or tweak that can be done to auto generate meta descriptions for posts?

    Thanks, nice job

  4. Dez says:

    @ John: HOW, that is my point. I have written on each page and post the exact description I want and it won’t do it. So if you can tell me HOW to do it that is what I need not it can be done, HOW can it be done, what are the steps?

  5. @Dez: Edit a post (under Posts > Edit) and edit the “Meta Description” field in the “SEO Settings” box below the content area.

    If it doesn’t appear to work, go to “Settings > SEO Ultimate”, check “Insert comments around HTML code insertions,” click “Save Changes,” and check the source code again to determine whether it’s SEO Ultimate or another plugin that is actually generating the meta description tags you’re looking at.

  6. Hi there,
    Just a niggling issue I’d thought I’d point out. The Autolink feature has the potential to be very useful, except for one thing – it puts autolinks in the post pointing to that post, which seems a bit pointless, and prevents me from using it.
    Hopefully this can be rectified :)

  7. Silla says:

    Thank you very much for this plugin, it’s fantastic! I would just like to report a couple of problems.

    I chose SEO Ultimate as my SEO plugin mainly because of it’s rich snippets module. I marked my post as a review and chose a rating for it, but when I put the URL in Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool I get the following error:

    Warning: Missing required “item” field.

    Since it says this is a required field, I’m worried it won’t show the rating in the SERPs until this problem is fixed.

    I also found a problem in the Deeplink Juggernaut module – it does not accept the option to open links in a new window. Every time I select the option and save changes, it is immediately unchecked again when the page reloads.

  8. I am using the SEO Ultimate instead of the regular plugin I used to have.

    Just, it does not use the WordPress regular tag (database?) system :s

    And now I have to add manually into the box on the posts and pages because he wont grab my standard tags, even my Super Tags plugin is not working becuase it uses the wordpress default tag query.

    How can I fix this?

  9. Amazing Plugin! Recently I have launched a Blog using wordpress. But I am using wordpress for the first time so I have got too many problems about plugins and searching for getting help about it. And finally I have got it. Thanks for your kind information.This is exactly what I need.

  10. Dez says:

    @ John, Thanks I will do this today and see. I hope so as my CTR has decreased since using SEO Ultimate which I think is the excerpt it uses.

  11. jon says:

    Unfortunely your plugin doesnt work with Custom Categories. It works with custom post types but not custom categories and that is what others are doing. WordPressseo from yoast does

  12. DoctorPC says:

    Muchas gracias, es una excelente ayuda ;)

  13. Anthony says:


    Thank you for this great plugin !

    I just wanna know, is it possible to choice the posts used by “Deeplink Juggernaut” ? I mean, I’d like to place links on the posts made only before a certain date. Is it possible or will it be later with an update ?

    Thanks a lot !


  14. There’s a serious bug in SEO Ultimate V4.5.3. I see this message in my RSS feeds from time to time:

    Warning: Missing argument 2 for SU_MoreLinks::more_link_filter() in /home/…/public_html/ on line 31

    I’ve seen the warning appear on different websites, so it’s not limited to just one site.

    I put “Warning: Missing argument 2 for SU_MoreLinks::more_link_filter() in” into Google to see if there was a solution only to be presented with a very long list of sites that have exactly that warning as part of their content. Not good.

    So, for now, SEO Ultimate has been deactivated on all my sites. Hopefully, the development guys will get this sorted quickly.

  15. Hi. I just started using SEO Ultimate a few days ago. This rich snippet stuff is very exciting and I’m glad I came across your plugin. My question. Should I continue to use All In One SEO or get rid of that plugin? Should I use it in conjunction with SEO Ultimate?

    I’ve updated about eight of my posts right now using SEO Ultimate and unfortunately I keep getting an error message such as that shown below. Can you recommend how I can fix this?

    dtreviewed = 2010-12-10
    value (normalized to 5.0 scale) = 4.0
    value = 4
    Warning: Missing required “item” field.

  16. VoiD says:

    Hi, thank you for that plugin its awesome.
    But I got one problem when using the deeplinking.

    Sustr class not works properly with UTF8 encoding
    my locale is ru_RU.UTF8 and htmlsafe_preg_replace function doesn’t replace text in $content

    So I made a little improvement in code:

    //$reg = ‘/(?!(?:[^\]]|[^>\]]+))\b($name)\b/imsU’;
    //Changed by VoiD for UTF8 encoding
    $reg = ‘/(?!(?:[^\]]|[^>\]]+))(?<![\p{L}]|>)/imsU’;

    Maybe its not very good coding but it works fine for me, maybe there are other ways to solve this problem.
    But maybe this little fix will help somebody else=))

  17. VoiD says:

    oops…my regexp broken ))
    $reg = ‘/(?!(?:[^\]]|[^>\]]+))(?<![\p{L}]|>)/imsU’;

  18. VoiD says:

    $reg = ‘/(?!(?:[^\]]|[^>\]]+))(?<![\p{L}]|>)/imsU’;


  19. VoiD says:

    damn… forget it…

  20. I will pass it along to John, thanks for the heads up VoiD. I know he will be tweaking the plugin later this month and we should have some bugfixes and new modules to release.

  21. Hey Thanks for the great plug in. 1 feedback for improvement which will be great is the embedded video title tag or mega tag is not included in the media section. =)

  22. Manas says:

    Ultimate SEO plugin doesn’t work with any “Related Posts” plugin in the Atahualpa theme. Whenever I enable the Ultimate SEO plugin, my blog displays the “related posts” right at the top of the web page. And this is consistent for all the 6-7 odd related posts plugins I have tried. I have temporarily disabled “related posts” plugin. I love Ultimate SEO but unless this issue is fixed, I would have to switch.

  23. Fred says:

    Deeplink Juggernaut is unfortunately not working for me. I tried reinstalling without success. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: array_combine() in … wp-content/plugins/seo-ultimate/includes/jlfunctions/arr.php on line 163

  24. @Manas: Try disabling your SEO Ultimate modules, then re-enable them one by one to find which one is causing the problem.

    @Fred: Thanks for the bug report. This should be fixed in version 4.7 and later.

  25. xander says:

    I seem to be having a very simple problem. I removed the and description and keyword tags from my header.php so that I can just insert them into SEO Ultimate.

    While I hope the search engines recognize my new meta descriptions and keywords I put into SEO Ultimate, I have no idea why the of my homepage will not change.

    I thought that it should be changed in the Title Tag Rewriter module, under Blog Homepage Title, but this does not work. I inserted it in the header.php file, and that no longer works. Any help is much appreciated.

  26. xander says:

    I guess tags get deleted. My comment should say “I removed the Meta description and keyword tags”


    “While I hope the search engines recognize my new meta descriptions and keywords I put into SEO Ultimate, I have no idea why the TITLE of my homepage will not change. “

  27. Giovani says:

    Great Plugin

    I also would like to know if the settings under SEO>Meta Descriptions>Post Description Format>{excerpt} can it be replaced by {post}???

    I don’t write excerpts and on search results the post gets only other posts title rather than a summary.


  28. @Vicki: Are you trying to install the plugin on a blog or a blog?

  29. Okay, so i have a URL 404 Error…what do i do now?

  30. Boise SEO says:

    This is the greatest plugin on planet earth! I use it for every one of my clients!! I would like to know if there is a donate option so I can support future updates. Thank you so much for the awesome plugin. I dont know what I would do without it. No other SEO plugin compares especially that trashy All-In-one. HA!


  31. Hi Shawn:

    You can send your donations to [email protected] for SEO Ultimate. Thanks you are the first to offer in over 3 years and we have spent at least 5 figures developing it.

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