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The ultimate SEO suite for WordPress has just been upgraded with a powerful mass-editor for the <title> tags of posts and pages.

SEO Ultimate Allows You to Optimize and "Mass Edit" Pages and Post Titles

SEO Ultimate Allows You to Optimize and "Mass Edit" Pages and Post Titles

SEO Ultimate’s already-powerful Title Rewriter module has been revamped with two new tabs (“Posts” and “Pages”) in the administration interface. Clicking one of these tabs opens up a list of your posts/pages; using this simple interface, you can directly edit the <title> tags of your WordPress CMS content pages, giving you powerful mass-edit control of one of the most important foundational aspects of WordPress SEO.

For users of other SEO plugins (such as the All in One SEO Pack), going back and editing the <title> tags of all your existing posts is difficult at best, since you have to open the WordPress content editor for every single post separately. But with the new system in SEO Ultimate 1.1, it’s a cinch to go back and revamp the <title> tags of all your previously-published content whenever desired.

Now You Can Easily Edit All Your Posts at Once

Now You Can Easily Edit All Your Posts at Once

Of course, you can also use the Title Rewriter’s existing “Default Formats” functionality to rewrite titles en masse with convenient variables that let you plug in post/blog/taxonomy titles into search-engine-friendly formats without having to edit <title> tags manually. This functionality has also been upgraded, with 10 new title variables supported (including support for category/tag/author data in post titles).

With the improved ease-of-use and additional functionality of Title Rewriter 2.0, the SEO Ultimate plugin has leaped another step above and beyond the competition in the WordPress SEO arena.

If you Haven’t Already, Download SEO Ultimate from WordPress Today! or Visit our Plugin Information page to Watch an Informative Video Covering the Expansive Features and Potential Settings.

Download SEO Ultimate Now!
Download SEO Ultimate Now!
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