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SEO Design Solutions is proud to release, the first in a series of SEO Plugins for WordPress 2.7 and 2.7.1 under the umbrella SEO Ultimate. Like a swiss army knife, the SEO Ultimate Plugin allows you to fine-tune your WordPress theme to unleash the power of theming and siloing, relevant naming conventions, unified tags, titles and SEO settings to achieve higher organic search engine rankings.

Introducing the SEO Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin

Introducing the SEO Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin

For those of you with a penchant for on page SEO or tweaking your WordPress settings until you get them “just right” the SEO Ultimate WordPress Plugin is now available for download from WordPress to redefine the meaning of custom SEO settings….

SEO Ultimate developed by our lead developer and resident genius / WordPress Expert Mr. John Lamansky allows you to fine-tune your WordPress Content Management System (CMS) with an array of on page SEO options conveniently located in an easy to use dashboard inside of your WordPress control panel.

The control panel allows you to (1) create SEO Friendly naming conventions to aid on page optimization and perform site wide functions such as (2) rewrite the names of categories, tags, archives (3) incorporate the use of nofollow, noindex and robots.txt settings and more to establish continuity and consistency for all content within your WordPress installation.

We’ve taken ideas from the water cooler, snippets of code from our private stash of in house WordPress plugins as well as placed it all in a modular based series of releases that will all run from the existing control panel / dashboard when updated.

As new releases occur, you will be prompted to upgrade within the setting page of your plugin to unleash the added functionality in real-time. This is the first of many updates scheduled for periodic releases, so make sure you download SEO Ultimate now, to get one step ahead of the pack and find your ideal settings.

If you are familiar with or utilizing the functionality of the All In One SEO Pack (One of WordPress’s Most Popular Plugins with over 1.6 million downloads), then SEO Ultimate (even in it’s present form) already surpasses the functions and features it provides for sculpting your on page SEO preferences for your 2.7 or 2.7.1 WordPress theme.

We have taken a modular approach and will be upgrading the plugin with additional SEO functions and features as they are developed over the coming months. Features such as a 404 monitor to identify broken links, canonical tag insertion, internal linking options (similar to Wikipedia) and more….

What this means is, when you currently download the existing version, as updates and new features are released, you will have the option of upgrading the next version to experience the enhanced functionality.

SEO Ultimate was developed with WordPress plugin “best practices” in mind:

  • Integration with WordPress’s contextual help system
  • Internationalization support
  • Nonce security
  • An uninstall routine
  • Integration with the new WordPress 2.7 menu

You have officially been put on notice, download your copy of SEO Ultimate today and experience the power of on page SEO personified in into a convenient WordPress SEO Plugin. For additional information, plugin specs are located here on our installer page…as well as our other WordPress SEO Themes and downloads. 

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