6 thoughts on “Tips for Using SEO Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin
  1. SlimJim says:

    Good info, about your plugin.

    I’ll be back later, to look into those other plugins you listed.

    Does your plugin 301 re-direct the category (name), & If it does, do you leave it that way forever or wait till Google crawls the page, then remove the 301?


  2. Hey Slimjim:

    I will ask John to be sure how he wired this particular module. For other segments, it functions more like a proxy and the original data remains intact, with just the rendered URI showcasing the change in convention. I just want to be sure, so I have forwarded him your question.

  3. DEEPAK says:

    In Seo Ultimate – Title Tags (pagination title is not working)… please help

  4. @Deepak: What do you mean by “not working”?

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