SEO, How Much? and How Long Will it Take?

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Don’t let your website become a statistic of the lost and found. Creating visibility through SEO and search engine positioning add up as keywords are currency for organic search. Sure, type in traffic still exists, when people add a .com after a popular keyword to find a website. Social media sites can also drive traffic Read More

Want a Top 10 Search Engine Ranking? Then Get in Line!

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So, you want a top 10 SEO ranking for your website? then get in line. All cute clichés aside, there are no short cuts to the top, at least ones that stand the test of time. Competitive SEO Rankings Take Time Chronology for reaching a viable tipping point for your web pages takes time, effort Read More

Relevance and Retrieval

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What can you do to defend yourself against shifts in search engine rankings algorithm? The answer, hedge your websites odds by optimizing multiple semantic clusters of keywords to eliminate dependency on a narrow range of phrases. Relevance and Retrieval In the time it takes you to capture a phrase with 300,000 or more competing pages, Read More

Up Up and Away – Rise Above Your Competition in the SERPs

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There is no magic bullet for SEO, at least not SEO that can stand the test of time. Search algorithms are constantly in a state of flux and those who intend on staying ahead of the curve have one thing they can do (aside from packs of me too sites) to ensure immunity in the Read More

Duplicate Content and Shingle Analysis for SEO

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Search engines use shingles (groups of content or clusters of words in “exact match” form) and shingle analysis to extract the block-level contextual references and assemble the content of a web page. You hear the warnings about duplicate content in regards to SEO, but what does it really mean? Search engine etiquette in many facets Read More

Google Toolbar Page Rank Update September 2008

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Well, it’s that time of the year again, it seems that Google has updated their toolbar page rank once again. With over 8 billion websites in their index, the mass amounts of computing power to consolidate this task is nothing less than immense. One thing I have noticed however is, pages are flowing page rank Read More

Search Engine Optimization Concepts

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Sometimes another form of language and imagery is required in order to communicate vast ideas for common consumption. This is one of such instances where an array of algorithmic functions will be given a conceptual vehicle to map their role in the creation of a top 10 ranking. Since the concept of the universe is Read More

Don’t Obsess Over SEO Rankings

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Are you the type of person who has Google on the mind 24 hours a day? Instead of relaxing and spending quality time with family and friends, you duck into the bathroom with your i-phone “to see if your rankings have slipped” or see if one of your competitors has snuck up on you and Read More

The Cycles of Organic Search Engine Positioning

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Just like a plant, organic search engine positioning is based on cycles. While getting there may be half the battle, understanding the growth, gestation and the budding cycles of SEO as well as understanding temporal relapses in positioning (while data centers unify results a.k.a. the Google dance) for ranking stability is all part of organic Read More

Deep Links and The Power of Anchor Text!

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Deep links (links from one page to another in your site or links from other sites to pages other than your homepage) are an important strategy in SEO. Ratios such as the number of deep links to non optimized links are a fundamental mathematical equation that determines the percentage of inbound links from other sites Read More

SEO Basics and Creating your Own 800 Pound Gorilla!

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There is nothing like having an 800 Pound Gorilla perched at the top of the most competitive key phrases in your industry (staring you down) every time you even THINK about optimizing a new search term. Despite why they are there (usually as a result of patience, planning and persistence) what may be more disturbing Read More

How to Grow an Organic Search Ranking using Thematic Modifiers

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You may have heard that “SEO is not rocket science”, however what organic SEO is, is a consummate process that is not only time consuming and meticulous, but each stage demands the proper balance of on-page and off-page SEO factors to secure a stable long-term search engine position.