Synchronizing SEO Metrics

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There are various metrics in SEO that contribute to producing aggregate ranking factors that when synchronized properly produce high ranking search engine positions. On page SEO represents 60% of that ranking factor and link transference plays a crucial role in sculpting website authority. Links and link metrics assist users and search engines alike for determining Read More

SEO Positioning or Market Share, Which Matters More?

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Search engine optimization requires patience to manifest results. Unlike other more immediate forms of marketing and promotion, SEO requires a delicate balance of constant refinement, flexibility and perseverance required in order reap the long term benefits. Short-Term Gain or Long Term Growth? Which is More Important? The following post is a reminder, its not always Read More

Manage Your Websites Reputation

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When you think of the word reputation, you immediately think of reputation management instead of managing the primary keywords your website ranks for and how search engines define your website. Manage Your Websites Reputation However as an SEO, your primary responsibilities include (a) creating a coherent and logical tiered site architecture structured to reinforce your Read More

Why Forward Linking is as Important as Backlinks

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Obviously the obsession for most is off page SEO (building or getting links from other websites)…Well, I have a little secret for you, authority trumps it all. An authority site can rank using less backlinks, pages or keywords that any other type of website; so, doesn’t this indicate where you should apply your focus? Forward Read More

SEO, Subdomains, Site Architecture and Sitemaps

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Today, (with slight hesitation in fear of giving away too much) I am electing to share an effective SEO method which incorporates the use of sitemaps, subdomains and site architecture. As a result, you will have the capacity to develop robust websites with colossal proportions using a coherent site and link architecture to virtually zero Read More

How to Create The SEO Wiki Effect

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There are multiple applications for SEO, one use of search engine optimization is to bring dormant content to the forefront to increase the value of engagement for your online property. Depending on the tactic / framework of your business model determining if you need a micro-site / niche site, e-commerce platform / e-commerce site, portal, Read More

Understanding The SEO Archive Effect

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Before you can truly lean into an SEO campaign, there are a few mandatory prerequisites for any website to scale the SERPs (search engine result pages). The most important criteria initially is getting in the index (via bots a.k.a. spiders) crawling your pages. Once in the index, search engines have a component they use to Read More

Keyword Selection and Finding the Best Keywords

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Before you start an SEO campaign, you should find the best keywords based on thorough keyword research. Just like you wouldn’t just jump in your car and start driving in hopes of reaching your destination before you’ve defined it, similarly, you will need a map or blueprint to reach your goals with SEO. That blueprint Read More

Search Behavior: Relevance, Retrieval and Intent

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Search behavior is fueled by convenience, and just how convenient is the fact that search engines put information on the shelf and keep it fresh, structured and relevant until that refreshing moment that you type in a search and Ahhhhh, there it is… Just remember, not all information is served fresh. Some posts or pages Read More

Natural Search: Relevance and SEO Rankings

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SEO rankings from natural search offer tremendous value to any website. Considering that nearly 70% of traffic to most sites are a result of search engines or contingent on the visitor stemming from a site they found in a search engine to reach your page. Improving Natural Search Results Acquiring natural search rankings are a Read More

New Tag Minimizes Canonical URL’s

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Great news for the SEO industry has been introduced as a new opt in canonical tag attribute was announced by the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog. Reduce the Negative Impact of Duplicate Content from Canonical URL's Sculpting page rank and avoiding duplicate content using on page SEO is now easier than ever. Yet, will this Read More

Word Count and SEO – How Many Words are Enough?

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Ken Lyons from recently raised a valid point with a comment on our post SEO and Internal linking about how we arrived at the number of words required to effectively rank a web page using SEO. The comment was, “You say: “Obviously, the more content you have the better (250-300 unique words per page Read More