Keyword Research and Search Engine Positioning

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Never underestimate the power of SEO and acquiring a top 3 position for multiple keywords in search engines. Since no two consumers think or search alike, the common keyword threads they do use should be anticipated and optimized in order to maximize your websites search engine positioning and corresponding market share. Enquiro's Golden Triangle of Read More

Spending Link Equity Wisely

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Getting link equity out of a website means that every link used to (a) link to another page or (b) leaving any page is optimal for passing on hierarchical intent to the page it links to. In other words, make each link count. Although the ramifications of this type of analysis and implementation are indigenous Read More

The Value of Search Engine Optimization

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The value of search engine optimization is based on the price per conversion you are able to garner from the various types of traffic each keyword delivers. The tactful art of intercepting consumer intent with a well optimized landing page can translate into a windfall of ROI. The Value of SEO is Reaching Online Shoppers Read More

SEO Purpose vs. Perspective

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There was an old saying that comes to mind, “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, will it make a sound?”, similarly if your website is optimized using SEO for a specific keywords and no one uses it to find your website, is it worth it? Value is Relative To Read More

Need More Search Engine Trust? Link Out!

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Just wanted to share a few effective SEO tips for increasing the degree of search engine trust your website can garner. Most people make the mistake of hording link juice or “not linking out” to other sites from their website in an attempt to preserve their domain and ranking authority. Linking Out to Create Search Read More

Sacrificing Content for Relevance using SEO

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Sometimes you have to “make sacrifices” to keep your website lean, relevant and mean. Every time you add content to your website, the global term weights shift within that site which could either (a) steer the site off topic by diffusing the underlying structure of the sites semantic relevance or (b) improve or decrease rankings Read More

Anchor Text Optimization: Optimizing Links with SEO

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Anchor text (the text in a link) and anchor text optimization (a facet of SEO), provides webmasters with a unique opportunity to sculpt a preferential or tiered pecking order. Optimizing Internal and External Link Anchor Text Using keyword-rich anchor text cultivates continuity with search engines as well as assists human visitors (the ones that pay Read More

Overcoming Competitive Markets

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Overcoming competitive markets is one of the most challenging facets of SEO. You are virtually in the trenches duking it out daily pitted against some of the most fierce competition imaginable. Make a mistake and someone takes your spot as you regroup for the next bout with the search engine as the referee. SEO is Read More

The Laser, the Flashlight and the Funnel

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Often I use analogies for SEO to communicate concepts for strategic execution. Today’s analogy is about the context of landing pages, call to action and value propositions and honing a unique selling point in comparison to a flashlight, a laser and a funnel. Read further to see the correlation of these seemingly unrelated objects (at Read More

Authority or Rankings, Which is More Important for SEO?

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Is it rankings that produce website authority or website authority that produces rankings for SEO? Ultimately, which one is more important? Just like the conundrum about which came first the chicken or the egg, one could argue which has more long-term or short-term significance. Authority or Rankings Which Matters Most? In the wake of Google’s Read More

How Link Discovery Time Affects SEO

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Have you ever wondered how link discovery time affects your pages SERP (search engine result page) position and SEO? In a previous post named SEO and the Cycles of Optimization, I made an allusion to link discovery time and link transference. Both metrics determine the internal or external links ranking factor passing value through the Read More