Is Google Shaking Down Paid Links?

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Is Google shaking down paid links now more than ever? It seems that more and more sites are slipping from page 1 to page 3 or 4 in the SERPs (search engine result pages). What is one possible cause? The obvious conclusion… over-optimization! Link Interrogation: GoogleBot Shaking Down Paid Links What Does Over-Optimization Mean? It Read More

Using The Google Wonder Wheel

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Several months ago Google introduced a new feature to their search results called the Wonder Wheel. SEO Design Solutions provided a great post on how to use the Wonder Wheel to improve link building with the use of keyword clusters. This tutorial provides insight in how to use the Wonder Wheel to improve your site’s Read More

SEO Modifiers for Affiliate Marketing

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Below, we have identified an array of emotionally-charged, SEO tested search queries and modifiers (descriptive words used to clarify purchase intent) used by millions each month to find and purchase products. Consumers are Shopping Online, But Can They Find Your Offer? If you are an affiliate marketer looking for a direct line in to the Read More

On Page SEO Tips

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Managing link equity for a website means creating preferential treatment for pages that have the highest potential for conversion. This becomes critical for on page SEO and managing ROI. On Page SEO Strategies to Manage Link Equity Depending on (1) your website monetization model (2) the type of consumer you need to facilitate and (3) Read More

Catching SEO Blunders

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Let’s face it, in the real world, sometimes things break. Maintaining your SEO efforts is as important and the initial push that put them in place to begin with; this requires you sweep your site for changes for things which could negatively impact rankings. Catching SEO Blunders 10 Common SEO Blunders That Could Make Your Read More

SEO Tool SEM Rush Adds New Keyword Trend Data

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If you are engaged in SEO and curious about which keywords are driving the most traffic to your website in Google, the SEO Quake team who brought you SEO Digger and now SEM Rush has recently added a new keyword tracking metric to their online arsenal known as “Trend Data”. adds Trend Data to Read More

Search Engine Alternatives: Using Visual, Video and Image Search

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When you think about the rate in which content is being created, imitated and shared online daily, the fact is each person has their own preferred method for assimilating information. There are more ways to search than one.. We all know about the top 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) and how SEO is Read More

In the Kingdom of Content, Relevance Rules

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We’ve all heard that content is king, but what kind of kingdom are you giving your people? If Content is King, Relevance is Queen! The average marketer will run a totalitarianism kingdom, in which all content focuses around a particular product or company. “Shamefully self promoting” is how my SEO co-workers refer to it and Read More

4 Easy SEO Copy Writing Tips for Smart Bloggers

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SEO copy writing may sound like a techie term, but competent journalists, bloggers and writers alike should not be intimidated. We got this! 4 Easy SEO Copywriting Tips In fact, whenever possible, convince your techie counterparts to relay the information so that you can type it into pretty and, more importantly, understandable words for your Read More

The Rise and Fall of Rankings

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Search engine results and their respective positions rarely stand still. In fact, we know from SEO that search results constantly vary, fluctuate, rise and fall, like the tide endlessly churning to find the page for each phrase with the least common denominator and highest relevance threshold for each keyword. SEO and the Rise and Fall Read More

SEO Copywriting Services Does Not Mean Spam!

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SEO copywriting is a search engine optimization tactic that businesses use to increase relevance for keywords within their website. However, all SEO copywriting services are not created equal. SEO copywriting should not be synonymous with spam, on the contrary, optimized content should build value and authority for a website. SEO Copywriting Does Not Mean SPAM! Read More

The Difference Between SEO, Competition and Authority!

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If you are involved in SEO and make your living ranking websites for competitive keywords, you have to know which of these three aspects (SEO, Competition or Authority) you are up against. Particularly when you’re challenging another contender for their coveted search engine position. SEO, Competition or Authority? Know Your Strengths or When to Just Read More