Targeting Keywords Within Your Reach

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There is something to be said about targeting terms and keywords that are within your reach. Not that wishful thinking does not have its place, but before you embark on a year long keyword conquest, make sure you understand what it takes to land a top 10 result (and maintain it) for a competitive keyword.

The Optimization Process

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SEO is a combination of distinct processes designed to improve search engine placement for your website, but what does that really mean when you break it down to performance and performance benchmarks? Do higher rankings always translate to higher sales conversion? The answer depends on how thorough your research was in determining the appropriate keywords Read More

Search Engine Supremacy, Where Your Rank Defines You!

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Search engine visibility is the summit of SEO, there is no substitute for a relevant result when a searcher is in need. It is no secret that being in the right position at the right time translates into pure lead generation and conversion for your business. Call it impulse, convenience or what ever you choose, Read More

Quality Score, Relevance Score and Search Engine Optimization

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What is organic SEO? For those unfamiliar with the context, organic search results are the natural results which appear on the left side of the screen (in Google) and are gauged with a higher propensity of trust and click through rates from consumers using search engines. Getting to the top 5 organic search results and Read More

Google Introduces New Social Media Like Feature to Reorder Search Engine Results.

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What if you had the power to remove unwanted pages from Google’s index at the mere click of an icon? Well, times like these are in the forefront as we speak, as Google is beta testing a control panel that allows you to reorder search results based on your personal preference. The way it works Read More

Competitive SEO Rates, Finding the Best SEO / SEM Pricing

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Does finding a qualified SEO company that offers competitive SEO rates have you up against the wall? With weeks of due diligence required in most instances, finding a reputable search engine optimization company is not always as easy as it seems. Then again, once you do and you have refined your search, are they realistically Read More

WordPress SEO Tip: Implementing Theming and Siloing

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Our lead developer and resident WordPress Expert John Lamansky is back to share a powerful siloing technique for WordPress to maximize the impact of theming data and categories to have a greater impact in search engines. This is one of many other WordPress SEO Tips and is a follow up to 20 Practical SEO Tips Read More

Why it’s Time for Traditional Marketing to Step Aside

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So many options, so little time. Attention diffusion is a reality for the modern consumer. While surfing the web via Stumble Upon, I came across a great video from Seth Godin (a true SEO / marketing guru) who shed some interesting new light on the current state of marketing and how savvy consumers are not Read More

Descriptive Titles Have Higher Traffic Conversion

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Using your title and description tags properly is quite possibly one of the most overlooked aspects to encouraging traffic and higher click through rates (CTR) Something as simple as using the right 65 characters to summarize your page title can mean the difference between lackluster and blockbuster click through conversion. Despite where your pages are Read More

Link Building & Deep Links using the LPP Ratio

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I am working on a link building theory / formula called the LPP Ratio(the links per page ratio), if I can find enough substance in the results, than I will feel more comfortable touting it as a legitimate term (essentially, it’s just a component to the algorithm used by various search engines to determine website Read More