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Let’s hope last week’s major 6.4 and 6.5 launches whetted your appetite for more WordPress SEO features, because SEO Ultimate has been upgraded yet again, this time with a new module that adds 2 SEO widgets to your WordPress widgets page.

The first widget ties in with the newly-added Footer Link function of Deeplink Juggernaut. If you’re using a theme with a widgetized footer, SEO Ultimate’s new “Footer Links” widget will let you move your Deeplink Juggernaut footer links from the wp_footer hook section to your widgetized sidebar-footer. This unassuming widget makes it a cinch to smoothly integrate your Deeplink Juggernaut Footer Links into the theme of your choice.

The second widget is called “Siloed Categories,” and lets you supercharge your site with navigation that’s siloed around a taxonomy of your choosing.

On most pages of your site, Siloed Categories functions just like a normal categories widget, except that it only displays your top-level categories. But when you click on one of the categories to go to its archive, Siloed Categories changes into a list of the category’s sub-categories (if any) and the five latest posts filed under that category. When you view a post, Siloed Categories displays the post’s “siblings” that are filed under the same category. Thanks to this linking paradigm, your categories’ link-juice is confined within the current silo instead of leaking out to other category-silos.

(Bonus Tip: To implement category siloing at the URL level on a new WordPress blog, go to your Permalink Settings and set your permalink format to /%category%/%postname%/.)

Although the widget uses categories by default, it provides you with the flexibility of siloing around any taxonomy of your choosing (post tags or custom taxonomies), though for best results, you should silo around a taxonomy in which each post only has one term. (Since posts usually just have one category apiece, category siloing is often ideal.) If you choose to use Siloed Categories, you should also remove any existing “Categories” widgets from your sidebars, since Siloed Categories is intended to replace that functionality.

As always, SEO Ultimate uses a modular system that lets you disable features you don’t want. If for some reason you want to remove these new widgets from your widgets admin screen, just go to Module Manager and disable the “SEO Ultimate Widgets” module.

Download SEO Ultimate 6.6 and give the new widgets a whirl. If you’re already one of the thousands who use SEO Ultimate, you can upgrade for free via your WordPress plugin admin section. If you’re a new user who’d like to take advantage of this powerful free plugin, you can download it from or search for “SEO Ultimate” on your blog’s plugin install screen. 

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In 2006, Jeffrey Smith founded SEO Design Solutions (An SEO Provider who now develops SEO Software for WordPress).

Jeffrey has actively been involved in internet marketing since 1995 and brings a wealth of collective experiences and marketing strategies to increase rankings, revenue and reach.

148 thoughts on “SEO Ultimate 6.6 Adds Siloed Categories Widget
  1. Dave Tong says:

    This has got to be the most feature-rich and easy to use SEO plug-in out right now. I love it! I’m not techy enough understand other advanced features, but the layout is so well designed that it makes it easy to understand WHY a setting is presented with another feature…

    Kudos and thanks for making this free…


  2. I have the same question. I am using SEO Ultimate on one site but cannot find the export/import functionality referred to in your What’s New notes.
    Where is it?
    What settings can be exported?
    I hope you can answer right away. We are an agency building 20 WP sites for one client and we need to make a decision right away on what SEO Plug-in to use. Thanks!

  3. I have been using this plugin for more than a month now. So far so good. It is very helpful especially for a non technical person like I am.

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Import and export modules are in the “Options” > SEO Ultimate> portion of the dashboard.


  5. Appreciate the feedback Nicanor. Just wait till we launch the WP Ultimate theme, combine SEO Ultimate with that and you have the one / two knock out punch for search engines and WordPress.

  6. Westendweb says:


    I can not find any support forum or email address, I hope I’m right here. Ultimate SEO just installed 6.9.6, but unfortunately the plugin does not respond to the input of the meta description and meta keywords. both in the source code is not output. what should I do?

  7. Yamasha says:

    A feature to nofollow tags or post tags it will be in seo ultimate?!

  8. Yamasha:

    You can already do this in the noindex manager.

  9. Praveen says:


    I just moved to this plugin but after install i know the category pages do not display the page numbers on the page title.

    Instead of

    Custom Category Title – Page 2
    Custom Category Title – Page 3
    Custom Category Title – Page 4

    It returns only

    Custom Category Title

    I checked my theme code and everything possible but no luck.

    can you plz help?

  10. Hi Praveen:

    I believe it is due to the fact that you have an option selected under the Misc. option called – Redirect requests for nonexistent pagination. If you uncheck this, you should be able to see the numbers for the categories, if that is important.

    Try that and let me know if that works for you.


  11. Praveen says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    i checked and that option is not enabled. It is unchecked only.


  12. Idris says:

    looks promising..will surely check it out..thank you for sharing

  13. Praveen says:


    Any updates/fixes to my issue?


  14. When i try to make any post getting following error..
    Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 54263808) (tried to allocate 74 bytes) in /home/ on line 117

    How to solve this problem??

  15. Sam says:

    I don’t think the Rich Snippets feature works, as google informs me of incorrect Markup.

  16. Johan says:


    Great plugin but think I found a bug.

    When you modify a title of a category in “Title Tag Rewriter”, you cant use variables like {blog}. Maybe this is intended?

    Would make more sense if you could use the variables there aswell.


  17. @Johan:

    No Bug, using {blog} is shortcode for the main settings,not the actual slug used to replace / rewrite. Whatever you name your new category should work (except for shortcode).

    Does this make sense?


  18. Praveen says:


    Any solution to my issue about the category page numbers?

  19. Dave Tong says:

    First of all, major thanks for the great SEO plugin.

    I’m wondering if this is the right place to ask, but is it possible to use multi-word KW for deeplink juggernaut?

    Like can i add quotes to let’s say, “SEO Ultimate” and point it to a preferred landing page? I’ve tried using without quotes but it tends to link to the first word only, in this example, if I have an entry of “SEO” and another entry as “SEO Ultimate”, the 2nd KW phase links to the link I specified for “SEO” only.

    Thanks again.

  20. nic tal says:

    I have been using this plugin for approx. 3 months and it has slowed down my site significantly. When I deactivate the plugin my site is faster any suggestions or solutions please Thank You In Advance

  21. Alex says:

    Thanks a lot for this great plugin. I love it. I do have a comment about it: I set the deeplink juggernaut to set autolinks only in posts in the same category but they link to any post in any other category. Besides, exclusion of many tags (h1, h2, h3, etc) is specified but it’s not working properly. When I bold content wrapped around these tags they autolink. If i unbold them then the link dissappeares. Is that how it’s meant to be?

  22. Will says:

    Hello Jeffrey

    I have 2 custom post types, both have ‘has_archive’ and ‘public’ set to true however the Post Format Archives is giving the message:

    “Your site currently doesn’t have any public items of this type.”

    Any ideas?? Thanks

  23. Praveen says:

    Would be great to have a fix for the category page numbers issue. been a month and still waiting.


  24. Did you try turning off the redirect for existing pagination under the canonical option? If so, that could be the reason why your nested /2/, /3/ pages are not showing?

  25. How to I get the SEO package to use the meta tags entered on each page. It want to put the default title on each page. Most noticeable by the title tag not changing.

  26. Praveen says:

    Yes, the redirect request for nonexistent pagination is not checked.
    as a matter of fact, i tried checking it also.

    on both counts, the page numbers are not showing up on the title.

    i tried to install this on another blog, but it does not save the custom category titles too. after entering the titles, clicking on save shows only a blank textbox against the category.

  27. Jim Miesner says:


    I love seo ultimate. I recently also installed a plugin called post page associator.

    The meta description is not working for certain pages that use the other plugin. Instead of using the description from seo ultimate, it is using the description of the post on the page.

    Do you know why there would be a conflict? I tried to contact the maker of the plugin, but they lead me back to you.


  28. Kalman says:

    I love the Siloed Categories widget. Was able to remove an extra plugin.

    It there a way you can build the same function for Pages?



  29. Realodix says:

    Hi, I’m very happy to use the plugin “Ultimate SEO”, but the admin where I’m hosting websites, prohibit using this plugin. He runs this command “find / home-type d-name seo-ultimate-R-exec chmod 000 {} \; ‘.

    I still tough to change the plugins folder “seo-ultimate” to “qwerty”, and Ultimate SEO plugin can work again.

    My question is:
    Whether by changing the folder “seo-ultimate” to “qwerty or any other name”, the plugin will error?

    Please reply to my e-mail.

    thank you

  30. It is nice plugin, I have used it for my one of the WordPress website. However Incoming Autolinks anchors are not working with posta.

  31. This is a great plugin. I’m using this plugin in my blog. And it’s working like magic. I get rid of from long time wasting for seo onpage optimization. Thank you very much for this plugin….

  32. Richard says:

    Your instructions on page:
    do not appear to cover the current version of Ultimate SEO (v.6.9.7).
    Also, I’m not seeing instructions on how and where to put the google analytics code into the header of each page when using USEO and WordPress.
    Can you inform us please?

  33. John Yim says:

    I need your help.The links mask generator is not working on my blog at ixwebhosting.Please help me,I thought the later updates can help me getting rid of that problem.But it’s still the same after I wait for a long time

  34. people says:

    excellent piece of information, I had come to know about your website from my friend kishore, pune,i have read atleast 8 posts of yours by now, and let me tell you, your site gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, i’m already your rss reader now and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! Thanx a lot once again.

  35. Seba says:

    There is a way to only use the meta description module on pages? (or only post, only one at time).

  36. @Seba:

    You can edit 100 pages or posts at a time from the dashboard of the Meta Description Editor. However, make sure it is enabled first from modules…

    You will see the post ID and existing meta description (if added) and you will see a blank text field where you can edit and / or rewrite it.

  37. Ryan Isra says:

    What about tag restriction on DeepLink juggernaut? It still breaks my a href html tag even after I set it on tag restriction (on h2, h3, and others as well).

  38. Marcus says:

    Am thinking of getting this…can I export my Wordpess seo settings?

    Is it compatible with Nginx?

  39. Jaouad says:

    I appreciated the last update of link mask generator, but still there is a feature that is needed:

    tracking clicks on those masked urls. So we wont need PrettyLink plugin anymore.

    Hope you take this into consideration.

  40. JR Oakes says:

    Would you guys consider adding a module for re-writing the H1 tags for a site leaving the page names intact?

  41. Our WP Ultimate Theme Framework allows you to rewrite the H1 tag and even link it to another category or page (to push link flow through to the categories)… Launching soon.


  42. Xavier says:


    I think there is a bug in SEO wordpress plugin 7.2.1. You can not change category’s title that has the same name as a tag.

    Best Regards,

  43. Ryan Isra says:

    Thanks for fixing the deeplink juggernaut, it works perfect by now!!!

    Really love SEO Ultimate <3 !

  44. Ryan Isra says:

    Just realized a new problem today.

    I had previously Siloing option enabled. After the update, autolink to the post doesn’t work with Siloing enabled. Just disabled Siloing to make the autolink works for post (not only category and tag).

  45. @Ryan Isra:

    Keep in mind, for siloing to work, the posts have to share the same category or tag- and on the new version, pages are also included as options (with the same condition) being tags for pages.


  46. Great plugin – thanks for all the work you put in!

  47. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for this plugin, it’s so useful. I use custom taxonomies for my book blog for authors, publishers, etc. and the one thing I wanted to make sure to get in an SEO plugin was the ability to automatically add the taxonomies to the meta keywords tag since they are essentially my keywords! So thanks so much for having that support.

    Also, I love the 404 monitor, my only request with that would be to have a 301 redirect tool attached to it. There are a couple pages that I’ve had to 301 redirect for various reasons, so it’d be nice to be able to just do it right there in the plugin.


  48. Carol says:

    Not sure what I am missing, but I can not figure out how to import all in one seo info, like title, description, keywords. please help I would love to change over to ultimate seo

  49. Carol says:

    Hi There! Figured it out it is under settings, should have read through the above posts, so looking forward to using your plugin

  50. ruizAw says:

    Deeplink Juggernaut not working with cyrillic (UTF-8) words.

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